12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (2023)

Skiing has been popular around the world for decades and some of the world's best skiers have become known for their skills on the mountain. They might not be in the limelight like other celebrities, but famous professional skiers are still out there.

I have been a passionate skier since childhood. I love everything about this sport and many famous skiers have inspired me over the years. I follow the sport closely and know most of the common names.

In this post I will highlight some famous professional skiers. I will list their names along with other information, for example. B. what style of skiing they are known for and their professional accomplishments.

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lindsey vonn

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (1)

Lindsey Vonn is probably the most famous professional skier in the world. She has inspired countless girls to take up skiing and start running, myself included. One of the most successful ski racers of all time, Vonn is an amazing skier.

Vonn has had an impressive professional career and has recently stepped out of the ski racing spotlight. As part of the USA ski team, he won four World Cup championships, ranking second on the all-time list.

There is also a gold medal on his trophy, which Vonn won for his downhill performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics. His record of eight downhill World Cup titles over his career is also impressive.

Lindsey Vonn is an amazing skier, but she has also gained recognition as a fashion icon and celebrity throughout her career. She is one of my favorite skiers and has done so much to pave the way for the future of skiers around the world.

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island to

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (2)

Eileen Gu is one of today's most famous professional skiers, and her career is just beginning. He caused a sensation at the last Winter Olympics in 2022, representing the host country China.

Gu is a phenomenal freestyle skier and competes in half pipe, big air and track style events. She became the youngest Olympic gold medalist infreestyle skiingwhen she wonbig air eventat age 18 in Beijing.

It will be great to see Gu grow and develop as a skier because she is so young. She will be the face of the sport for years to come, leading the way into the new era of freestyle skiing.

bode mueller

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (3)

Bode Miller is one of the most famous professional ski racers. Known for being one of the best ski racers of his time, he also has a rebellious spirit that has earned him a reputation for being wild and getting into trouble over the years.

Miller won six Winter Olympic skiing medals during his career, a record that still stands. He has won medals in 4 different disciplines, which only four other skiers have managed so far. He was also world champion in 2005 and 2008.

Throughout his career, Miller has always garnered press attention for being outspoken about his feelings about skiing and other topics, and he was never afraid to speak his mind, even when it wasn't popular.

Ingemar Stenmark

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (4)

Ingemar Stenmark is a Swedish ski racer widely regarded as the greatest slalom and giant slalom skier of all time. He retired in 1989 but his legend lives on as he has 86 wins in international ski races which is impressive.

Stenmark won three consecutive World Cup titles between 1976 and 1978, when it really dominated the racing world. He leapfrogged the competition and became a sensation in the downhill skiing world.

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Stenmark skied in an era before skiing received much attention outside of the Olympics. There was no internet and not much press, and he could still become quite famous. That speaks for itself for what a good skier he was.

Mikaela Shiffrin

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (5)

Mikaela Shiffrin is another of the best skiers in the world that is still active. He has won two Olympic gold medals and three overall World Cup titles. All of his accomplishments make her one of the most successful American skiers of all time.

Shiffrin started professionally at a young age, winning her first gold medal in slalom at age 18. After that, he became a ski sensation and has been in the public spotlight since 2018.

She may very well become the most successful skier of all time, having won 73 World Cup races and is still at the top of her game. Her list of accomplishments will undoubtedly continue to grow and will be exciting to watch.

Chemmy Alcott

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (6)

Chemmy Alcott is probably the most famous British skier. She is known for having competed in four Winter Olympics and seven times in the FIS World Championships. He doesn't have as many medals or wins, but her record is still impressive.

Alcott had a good run of competitions, but his career was cut short by serious leg injuries that required multiple surgeries to treat. This forced her to retire in 2014 sooner than she and the rest of the skiing world would have preferred.

Fortunately, Alcott also gained popularity when she appeared on the television show Dancing on Ice, which kept her in the public eye even when she wasn't skiing. She remains active in the UK ski scene and is a legend there.

Shane McConkey

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (7)

Shane McConkey was a well-known skier who helped bring extreme skiing into the public eye in the early 2000's. McConkey was known for trying super challenging lines and tricks that most skiers would never consider.

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McConkey was not a ski racer, so he did not compete in the Olympics or other organized events. But if you were a fan of skiing in the 2000s, you were always on the cover or in the pages of the most popular ski magazines.

McConkey was also a fan of other extreme sports and was a frequent BASE jumper. Sadly, he died in 2009 while attempting a BASE ski jump in Italy. This accident was a tragic loss for the entire ski industry.

tanning room

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (8)

Tanner Hall is a famous freestyle skier who helped shape the sport in the 2000s. He is known for performing extremely challenging tricks in the X-Games and beyond.ski moviesThrough the years.

Hall helped bring back to skiing a freshness that was hard to come by at the time.snowboardhe seemed to gain popularity in the 1990s. He had the image of a snowboarder, but he was an amazing skier, which helped inspire hordes of young people to ski.

Hall hasn't raced in a while, but his reputation remains strong in many ski circles. His list of ski movie appearances is pretty legendary and he has appeared in dozens of movies.

Janica Kostelic

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (9)

Janica Kostelic is a Croatian skier with one of the most impressive Olympic resumes of any female skier. She is the only skier to win four gold medals in alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics.

At the 2002 Olympics alone, she won three gold medals, something no other female skier has achieved before or since. She also won all five competitive skiing disciplines in 2006, something only one other female skier has achieved thus far.

Kostelic retired from competitive skiing in 2007 but is still very active in the sport. He also entered the political scene in his native Croatia and remains a popular public figure there.

Vreni Schneider

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (10)
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Vreni Schneider is a famous Swiss skier and one of the greatest skiers of all time. He competed in his first World Cup when he was 20 years old and won the overall World Cup three times in his career.

Schneider is a national hero in her native Switzerland, but she is not as well known in other countries. He skied in the 1980s and 1990s when the sport wasn't getting as much attention and popularity around the world.

In a list of famous professional skiers, Schneider still deserves recognition as he is arguably in the top 3 most successful skiers of all time.

Seth Morrison

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (11)

Seth Morrison became one of the most famous skiers of the 1990s. He was known for pushingbig mountain skiPushing boundaries and living up to the infamous ski party lifestyle that defined this era of skiing.

Morrison was not a ski racer, but he dominated ski movies and magazines due to his extreme skiing skills and generally controlled ruthlessness. He inspired a generation of skiers to live like fans of skiing and gunpowder.

Morrison also helped to develop the design of the ski, and many of the double-toe and rocker skis we use today are due to his style of skiing. He may not be as well known today, but he deserves a lot of credit for helping to turn the industry into a powerhouse.

Sara Burke

12 Famous Professional Skiers (You Must Know) (12)

Sarah Burke is a legendary skier in the world of freestyle skiing. She was one of the first skiers to truly push the boundaries of women's freestyle skiing, paving the way for a younger generation of female skiers.

Burke was one of the first skiers to stand out in the terrain park. I could hang out with guys when it wasn't normal. She used to ski better than many of the male skiers around her.

Without Sarah Burke, women's freestyle skiing would not have become a winter X Games event. She lobbied for superpipe and trail style events to be officially sanctioned for female skiers.

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Burke died after a horrific fall while training in the halfpipe in Utah. This was an extremely tragic event, but her legend lives on with the achievements of women's freestyle skiing around the world.

final thoughts

Fame is a funny thing in the ski world. Some skiers get a lot of attention for winning cold medals and World Cups, while others rise to fame for excelling in the backcountry or forging new lines in the best ski movies.

There have been many skiing legends over the years, and the people featured on this list represent just a fraction of the skiers who helped shape the sport for all of us who love to climb the mountain today.


Who is the world's best skier ever? ›

The number one position in the list of great skiers goes to Ingemar Stenmark, who is from Josejo in Sweden. Born in 1956, he grew up in Tanaby, which is close to the border of Norway. Stenmark began practicing skiing at a very young age, and by the time he was 8 he had already won his first national tournament.

Who is the best 8 year old skier? ›

December 16, 2022 at 10:37 a.m. Maddock Lipp, an 8-year-old boy from Golden, just possibly broke the world record for the youngest person to ski on all seven continents.

How old is Kai Jones skier? ›

His goal, aged 11, was to summon up the courage to take on a 10.7m mountain cliff in the backcountry of Wyoming, known colloquially as 'Smart Bastard'.
Kai. Jones.
Date of birthMay 5, 2006
NationalityUnited States
Career start2018
DisciplinesFreeskiing Big Mountain/Freeride / Freeskiing Back Country
1 more row

Who is the best freeride skier in the world? ›

  • Maxime Chabloz. 14480 pts.
  • Max Hitzig. 14400 pts.
  • Max Palm. 13800 pts.
  • Valentin Rainer. 13020 pts.
  • Carl Regnér Eriksson. 12020 pts.
  • Oscar Mandin. 11820 pts.
  • Simon Perraudin. 11520 pts.
  • Finn Bilous. 11320 pts.

Who is the best American skier ever? ›

Samuel Bode Miller (/ˈboʊdi/ BOH-dee; born October 12, 1977) is an American former World Cup alpine ski racer. He is an Olympic and World Championship gold medalist, a two-time overall World Cup champion in 2005 and 2008, and the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time.

Who is the oldest skier alive? ›

George Jedenoff, the world's oldest living skier, celebrated his 105th birthday this week on 5th July, 2022. Mr Jedenoff began skiing more than six decades ago after a move to Utah and was still skiing there until at least age 103.

Who is the best female skier? ›

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin is making history as she now holds more World Cup wins than any female alpine skier. Shiffrin was a teenage prodigy when she burst on the scene more than a decade ago, now she's a two-time Olympic gold medalist and six-time world champion.

Who is the fastest Olympic skier? ›

In the fastest Alpine skiing race in Olympic history, Beat Feuz was quickest of all. The 35-year-old Swiss averaged a Winter Games record 68.7 mph to win the men's downhill gold medal, his first in three Olympic appearances.

Is Candide Thovex the best skier of all time? ›

He is the only skier to date to have won X-Games gold in Big Air, SuperPipe and Slopestyle. Yes, Candide Thovex is quite possibly the greatest skier of all time. He has earned the reputation of the quiet superstar through years of painstaking work, sacrifice, dedication and a mental fortitude that few could surpass.

Who is the greatest slalom skier of all time? ›

Jan Ingemar Stenmark (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɪ̌ŋː(ɛ)mar ˈstêːnmark]; born 18 March 1956) is a Swedish former World Cup alpine ski racer. He is regarded as one of the most prominent Swedish athletes ever, and as the greatest slalom and giant slalom specialist of all time.

Who is the most successful male skier of all time? ›

Kjetil Andre Aamodt of Norway

Fact is, unless you're a World Cup fanatic from way back, you'll find his name is not a household one. But the Norwegian, nicknamed Baby Shark, remains the most decorated skier of all time. He won no less than eight Olympic medals – four of them gold.

Is Mikaela Shiffrin the best skier in the world? ›

Mikaela Shiffrin took silver behind Italian Marta Bassino in the super-G for her 12th world Alpine skiing championships medal, tying the modern individual record. Bassino edged Shiffrin by 11 hundredths of a second in Meribel, France, for her second world title after sharing parallel gold in 2021.


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