I swear I'm not Wani Ask Blog - Defense of Nami from One Piece (2023)

He's fine. This is my first defense so I hope I can do it justice. Nami is a very good character but gets a lot of undeserved hate. To be honest, I'm a little surprised I didn't come here sooner. But anyway:

1. "sex object", "slut"

In what way, folks? She can be a big fan at times, but she can't help it. That's all ode. And yet fan service does not make a person a “sex object”. It was nowhere implied that Nami had ever had sex, nor did she show the slightest interest in it. On occasion she might try to get out of the mess they're in by taking advantage of their womanly gifts, but it's just a ruse and she'll then proceed to roast any perv who made the mistake of turning her into a to bring charred mess. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

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2. Shallow, greedy, selfish

is she greedy Definitive. But their hatred tends to forget the circumstances that brought them to it, and the altruism underlying their greed to turn them into an uncaring monster would trade the Straw Hats for a Beri. Nami grew up in a poor home where her adoptive mother skipped meals to support her and her sister. Then her mother died right in front of her because they didn't have enough money to pay for their whole lives. That's 8 years old folks. She was then forced to work for the monster that killed her mother on the condition that she could buy back her village if she earned 100 million beris. So she spent the next 10 years of her life as her slave, risking her life to rob cruel pirates, saving and counting every coin towards her goal. And finally, when he's finally down to a few million, Arlong goes behind his back to steal his money. So it's no wonder that when the Straw Hats save her, she learned to value money more than anything else. Nearly. Let's see how many times she sacrificed herself for her friends: she worked as Arlong's slave to get her village back, she tried to get the crew to sail to Arabasta and ignore her fatal illness, in Arabasta she got a stake in the foot. to his friends and then left without pay. He faced Enel instead of going with him and survived when Usopp was injured by the Franky family, barely caring for the stolen 200 million beri. And the money had gone to Merry anyway. Without hesitation, he went after Robin and declared war on the extremely powerful world government to win her back. Then he fought and beat Kalifa for Sanji. In Thriller Bark, she was on the run from Absolom, but came back and fought with him over Lola. He then battled Oars with the rest of the crew and gave Lola some of his treasure after it was all over. When Camie went to save Hatchi, Nami decided to forgive him despite all the things she went through under Arlong. And when Camie was kidnapped by slave traders, Nami didn't even hesitate to file for bankruptcy to buy her back. After the time skip, he once again forgave Jimbei despite his terrible past under Arlong. So while Nami can be very greedy, deep down she is very unselfish.

3. Violent and provocative temperament

Violent? Serious? On the same team as the guy who has to answer everything to beat him up, the bloodthirsty demon from East Blue, the brutally kicking chef, the angry cyborg man and the devil kid who breaks people's necks. And thorns. And several other bones, almost every day? And that's just for the Straw Hat crew. Compared to most of the One Piece world, Nami isn't particularly violent. And why is that a complaint? The same violence in most of the other characters is why so many of them are loved. He's got temper, but he's not that bad and his team usually deserves it. If she didn't meet them, they wouldn't get anywhere. And come on, most of this is just a joke anyway. He really couldn't hurt most of them in one hit if he tried.

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4. "slut", "arrogant"

Okay, maybe sometimes it can be a little... but then again, he has a good reason. Aside from his traumatic childhood, he is largely responsible for the Strawhats. If she hadn't followed them, they would never have left East Blue. Maybe he goes too far at times, but he always tries his best and is basically a really nice person. As for arrogance, I don't see it. Nami is probably one of the LESS arrogant straw hats. She's usually one of the first Straw Hats to tread carefully. He knows his limitations and would try to avoid fights for a while. Well it still does, but not as much anymore. She always tries to plan ahead and usually tries to stop Luffy or Zoro who are arrogantly defiant. She's proud of her sailing skills and has good reason for it. She really is THAT good at her job. But he doesn't usually mention it unless it happens, and even then he's not as cocky as most of the crew.

5. He is very focused compared to Robin/other female characters/other Straw Hats

Is he concentrating more than Robin? Yes, probably. But that makes sense with their personalities. Nami is usually right in the middle and much more open-minded. Robin is usually left reading somewhere on the ship when not necessary, and even then she doesn't say much. I hope Nami gets more screen time. Do you concentrate more than other One Piece women? Of course he is, he's a main character. Others are also very focused. As for the Straw Hats, he's probably a little more focused than the rest of the crew except for Luffy. At least if you count movies like Strong World. But it's only a small but, and the rest of the team has plenty of time to shine as well.

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6. Causes naval wars

…OK then. I'll be Luffy, that reason is Belamy. So it's not even worth acknowledging how pathetic it is.

7. He treats Sanji badly despite being very much in love with her.

First of all, I'm not criticizing Sanji. Sanji is amazing. But seriously, Sanji has a crush on every reasonably attractive humanoid woman out there. And Nami has made it clear that she is NOT interested in him. He knows this and continues to pursue Nami. If she wants to take advantage of him, he asks for it himself. And he knows she's taking advantage of him. Being taken advantage of by his beloved Nami-Swan makes him happy. And although she has no romantic interest in him, Nami still cares deeply about Sanji and will try to help him whenever he needs it.

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8. „Jungfrau in Not“

I think Nami has played the girl before, most notably in the Arlong and Thriller Bark arcs and the Strong World movie, but she's quite an impressive girl. With Arlong she fought alone for 10 YEARS before Luffy came along and she did a good job too. At Thriller Bark, she was captured and drugged so she could do nothing. When he woke up, he managed to defeat Absolom and save himself (though with some prior help from Sanji and some from Lola) and was then just as important as the other Straw Hats in defeating Oars. In Strong World, it's not exactly fair to blame Nami for being attacked by someone who was GOLD ROGER's rival. Even Luffy barely hit him, having previously trampled on the combined power of Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper. And Nami did really well, the first time she escaped, the second time she was captured just to save her friends and as luffy said she wasn't his prisoner. She was the vanguard.

9. "Overrated," they accuse their fans of criticizing other shounen heroines to make themselves look better.

Is it overrated? I do not think so. Sure, she has her psycho fans, but almost every character on almost every show has them. From what I've seen, she's a moderately popular character with a few fanboys and enough haters to at least include her in this blog. As for the second part, how exactly is Nami's problem? Nami's character is not determined by the hatred of her fans. I personally prefer Nami over other shounen heroines I've seen, but that's my opinion and some people will prefer Sakura or Orihime or some other heroine. But there are criticisms among the main shounen manga/animes. Some fans will be idiots. But if you want to hate Nami for it, you might as well hate Luffy for his fans who choose him over Naruto or Ichigo.

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He's fine. I hope my defense helps. Nami is a really great character just like the rest of the amazing One Piece characters.


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