Jurassic World Evolution 2: San Diego Chaos Theory Guide (2023)

Jurassic World Evolution 2The second Chaos Theory map is loosely based on this one.The Lost World: Jurassic Park🇧🇷 This time we will revive Jurassic Park: San Diego, whose construction was interrupted when a T. rex invaded the city. Be sure to read ourChaos Theory tips and tricksFirst, since they apply to all Chaos Theory cards. Overall, this map is a little easier than Jurassic Park due to more moderate requirements, but if you have any issues, this San Diego Chaos Theory guide should help.

Jurassic Park-Ruinen: San Diego

We start in the ruins of what could have been Jurassic Park: San Diego. Like Jurassic Park, it starts out pretty simple. You must build an emergency facility, repair existing buildings, and power the amphitheater, observation gallery, and science center. After powering up the Science Center, you can research Enhanced Power Technology so the backup generator doesn't blow you up before the park opens.


Now get ready for some dinosaurs to arrive. What I did was divide the existing enclosure into two parts, creating a larger section outside and a smaller one towards the amphitheater. You can put Pachycephalosaurus in a large portion - it needs ground leaves for food. Prepare the small portion with sand and a carnivore for the Compsognathus.

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You'll need a new enclosure for the two T. rex that are coming in. I placed a cabinet at the back of the amphitheater as I was forced to wire it anyway and that was clearly the intention. Be sure to give your Rexys sand, forest, a carnivore and two live prey feeders. Once all those dinosaurs are at the gates, you can open your park to sweet victory.

More Dinosaurs, More Problems | San Diego Chaos Theory

As in Jurassic Park, now you will serve the guests. The first steps are:

  • Increase guest comfort by 50%
  • Increases the visibility of dinosaurs to 75%
  • Increase amenities profit per minute to $50,000

Near the entrance to the park, on the path leading to the semi-octagon, I placed a small hotel, a set of small amenities (food, drink and shopping), a hostel and a toilet. I also placed a number of amenities in front of the amphitheater between the tracks. This should increase your earnings. If your comfort level isn't high enough, you can add a bathroom and shelter or two on the side of the amphitheater or outside of the octagon.


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That done, the arrival of Parasaurolophus and Mamenchisaurus is imminent. For the parasaurs, I created an enclosure to the right of the shared habitat and added a recessed viewing gallery. For Mamenchisaurus I used the same sized space to the left of the shared habitat and the main path. The exhibit is large enough in the area with an additional viewing gallery, but you won't be able to get a perfect ratio of open space to tall leaves. It doesn't matter, your comfort will be 99%.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: San Diego Chaos Theory Guide (1)

Now you need to increase the total number of dinosaur species to six. Very simple: you've already received five for free. This is also how you reach the other step of growing a genome to 75%. I chose a Triceratops and put it in an enclosure next to the T. rex, but you can use any dinosaur you can dig up. I do not recommend the Velociraptor as they quickly lose comfort in a storm and will likely climb fences without power.

On this map you will find sandstorms instead of tropical storms. Sandstorms drain your strength during the storm and give your dinosaurs curable diseases, most notably coccidioidomycosis. You'll need to research the treatment, but once you've done that, it's easy to make the rounds and get your dinosaurs back to health.



Ultimately, you need to generate an income of $400,000 per minute. The main goal is to add more services where they are needed. I ended up taking my gastronomy closer to the entrance because it was no longer profitable. I think people stopped going out so much. When you're done, you'll need to do some research to expand the park's boundaries, though you won't need the space for a while.

Park Expansion | San Diego Chaos Theory

This step is about further expansion. The final target on the list, with a total appeal of 4,000 dinosaurs, is this one. The total attraction with just the free dinosaurs you got is around 3950, so whatever dinosaur you added in the last step, you should already have it.

You need two more types of dinosaurs. At this point, I've created another box to the left of the middle octagon. I brought Pachycephalosaurus to this area and went in search of Gallimimus fossils. You can also look for Struthiomimus fossils, but Gallimimus has a little more appeal. The Gauls entered most of the divided land where the Paquis was located.

I also added another enclosure next to the Rexy paddock on the left. I filled them with Troodon.

To get a three-star park rating, you should be able to do so with eight species, as long as you fill in the gaps where services are needed. Feel free to amp up the attractiveness a little more.

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open field 9

The other goal is to have 100 adventurous guests in your park. (Strategically, this means absolutely nothing to building a successful park, but you should do it anyway.) If you select your star rating and check the ticket tab, you can see interest levels. He says adventurers are attracted by the infamy of dinosaurs, rides, ponds and spinning spheres. Since lagoons and gyrospheres are unique to Jurassic World maps, you'll have to rely on the first two.

I suspect they want you to create a sightseeing tour. However, the park layout you start with is not conducive to this. This means that the easiest way is to simply increase your dinosaurs shame, which increases with battles and deaths. You have two options. The first is to synthesize some struthiomimus or gallimimus, hatch it and release it into the T. rex paddock. Remove prey eaters so they are more likely to attack herbivores.

Or, if you're like me and like to wreak havoc and have no moral issues, calm the two T. rex and place them at the busy park entrance. Leave them at their homosapien buffet, monitor their shame and then calm them down and bring them back to the closed lifestyle. You will lose some money doing this, so don't do it if you don't have the money. Whichever method you use, do it after completing the other objectives, as the embarrassment will subside over time.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: San Diego Chaos Theory Guide (2)

You can also use the park expansion area to make a large enclosure for multiple dinosaurs to roam around. But this is less fun.

Four stars are enough | San Diego Chaos Theory

They give you even more wiggle room for the final push to make Jurassic Park: San Diego... for the most part than it could have been. Instead of five, you only need four stars here.

Unfortunately, my Rexys died of old age in this step, so my big hurdle here was increasing the dinosaur attractiveness, as I lost 2,400 of them. I built a large enclosure for herbivores around a large hotel. This included Chasmosaurus, Dryosaurus and Maiasaura. I also added two carnivores: Carnotaurus and Majungasaurus. Finally, not wanting to spend too much researching and switching Rexys, I chose Suchomimus and placed him in the old Rexy habitat in the amphitheater. They have a cool 639 each and you need at least three in a pack, but I added four.

This covered more than the required 10 species and 40 dinosaurs. Park rank and revenue of $750,000 per minute will occur at approximately the same time as the revenue threshold for achieving four stars is $747,000. With all the dinosaurs he had, it was all about adding solace to new paths trodden.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: San Diego Chaos Theory Guide (3)

When you're done here, head to Isla Sorna: Site B with Simon Masrani to collect the dinosaur remains for his new venture, Jurassic World. TheJurassic Park IIIThe Chaos Theory map is short and easy, but if you need help with the more difficult Chaos Theory,jurassic world, We'll have you covered.

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