Jurassic World Evolution tips and tricks (2023)

jurassic world developmentIt's not a particularly challenging or demanding theme park sim, but it does have its quirks and poorly explains many of its systems. On any of the remote tropical islands of the Las Muertas archipelago, the ooh-ing and ahh-ing can quickly turn into running and shouting. Or even worse, you simply run out of money, either due to guest demands or poor planning.

We have compiled a list of useful tips to prove that a dinosaur theme park can be a successful and profitable venture.

One race, six islands

Jurassic World Evolution works a little differently than most construction sims. They have a single race that rotates between islands. Your progress towards Dinosaur DNA, as well as any research unlocked at the Research Center, will carry over between each park on the island. However, the money is tied to the park you are currently playing at.

That means it's a good idea to stay on an island even after you've reached three stars and unlocked the next one. Since you should have a sizable cash flow by then, you will receive 100% of each dinosaur fossil you have access to, as well as each research. This will make it a bit easier to start over on the next island.

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You should also try to complete each Division mission before proceeding as you cannot complete the next island mission before the previous one.

Island parks will stop while you are not running them. You can easily go back to previous islands after unlocking better dinosaurs and researching them, which makes it much easier to get the full five stars.

The sixth island, Isla Nublar, is the infamous location of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World and is also a great cashless sandbox. Build the park of your dreams!

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request contracts

Each island will contain multi-stage missions for each of the three divisions: Science, Entertainment, and Security, as well as smaller random tasks. You don't have to wait for these contracts to appear regularly.

Go to the Control Center and the Contracts tab in the bottom left corner. From there you can request a new contract to randomly generate a new one. You can even choose between the three divisions. You may not be able to complete it on time; You can reject them at any time without consequences.

You should always work on a full set of three contracts because of the potential for big cash rewards.

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Maintain balance between divisions

It can be tempting to focus on increasing your reputation with just one of the three divisions in order to quickly unlock your rewards. The reputation boost also comes with a nice cash loyalty bonus if you favor a certain division, and its construction if you build it (unlocked by first island reputation) will bring you more income.

However, they risk being sabotaged by one of the overlooked divisions. That's right, if you ignore their contracts and missions for too long and don't fill the bar, they will actively sabotage your park, even poisoning your dinosaurs and cutting power. This can create some devastating scenarios at inopportune times. Try to constantly increase all three reputation bars to avoid nasty sabotage.

Apply Building Upgrades

Note that building upgrades are not automatically applied after you research them. You must manually apply them to the appropriate building. For example, if you're looking for Enhanced Output 1.0, go to a power plant and click the Update tab to apply it.

Keep in mind that most upgrades cost quite a bit of energy, so make sure you have a surplus.

Enhanced outage and power protection is essential for all power plants. The ranger station upgrades are also solid, as you'll be using them to complete almost every task in your park.

dino care

The needs of the guests are important, but the priority should always be your dinosaurs. One unlucky dinosaur is a safety hazard and a huge financial burden. When you look at a dinosaur's stats, you can see its various needs and ratings for food, water, and population. The most important bar is comfort. A desperate dinosaur will slowly lose comfort. Once it reaches the red bar, it will attack the nearest fence and escape, wreaking havoc on nearby guests.

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Some dinosaurs are much easier to care for than others. Higher level and more expensive dinosaurs are generally more difficult to keep happy and require very specific parameters of pasture, forest, and population counts, determined mostly by trial and error (orthis great worksheet).

Be especially wary of dinosaurs with a large red bar on their comfort level, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Indominous Rex, and Velciraptor. These dinosaurs will explode in no time.

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Social vs Population

Each dinosaur has two separate sliders for Social and Population. Social is how many dinosaurs of their own kind like to have around. Large carnivores, for example, generally don't like to compete with each other, although they can accommodate up to three ceratosaurs quite comfortably.

Some dinosaurs panic when they don't have enough of their own kind. Torosarus and Dracrex panic immediately if they don't have a friend around, and preferably at least a handful.

Population is the total number of dinosaurs in an enclosure. While the Dracorex loves to have a pair of its own species, its population's tolerance is really low. Gather more than half a dozen dinosaurs with him, and their dissatisfaction will lead to hurdle attacks, escapes, and constant headaches.

On the other hand, the Hadorsaurus family (Corythosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Parasaurolophus) have high population and social barriers: they love having lots of friendly herbivores around them. Use them alongside other friendly and social herbivores like Triceratops and Brachiosaurus to populate a large mega herbivore exhibit at each park.

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fold the fences

Something I discovered by chance is that you can build fences on top of fences, creating a double perimeter. The new fence is automatically placed around the old one. It's not a bad idea to double the fence line for your more stubborn dinos so you have a little extra time to satisfy the dinos' needs once they charge, or fire up the ACU and ranger's jeep for the inevitable escape.

wildlife photographer

If you don't like getting close to your dinosaurs, you're playing the wrong game. Manually driving a ranger vehicle allows you to take photos of your dinosaurs. Photographing specific dinosaur actions like hunting, fighting, and eating can fulfill some contracts, but it's also a nice source of extra income if you don't have pressing concerns and are waiting for the coffers to fill up.

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Taking photos costs nothing but time and can bring in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Try to represent as many dinosaurs as possible in one image.

Mixture of carnivores and herbivores.

In general, carnivores and herbivores will not get along very well, even in a very large pen with several goats roaming around. After all, the T-Rex wants to hunt. However, there are some successful combinations.

The size of the dinosaur is the most important thing to consider when mixing. If the herbivores are significantly larger than the carnivores, the carnivores can't mess with them. Although herbivores can panic from time to time. There are some exceptions. Try housing several Velociraptors in an exhibit with a helpless Corythosaurus. Maybe save your game first.

An example of a successful mixed enclosure is a handful of Deinonychus with a couple of Ankylosaurus. The Deinonychus will not be able to touch the heavy armored anks. Just make sure the enclosure is large enough that the anks don't feel threatened at all times, and place their feeding spots on opposite sides.

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killer dinosaur

In the early stages of each park, all the dinosaurs are important. Everything outside of Struthiomimus is quite expensive. You definitely don't want them eating each other.

But once money is no longer an issue, you can use the dubious tactic of breeding dinosaurs just to feed them to your large carnivores. These large carnivores, like the early game Ceratosaurus, can achieve very high star ratings by fighting and killing other dinosaurs like the Torosarus.

Mod your large predators' genes to increase their attack and defense stats, then create unmodded herbivores that have weaker stats but can still fight, like the Torosaurus. Winning battles earns you Combat Infamy and a bonus to your star rating. This is a particularly good tactic for islands that don't have room for more dinosaurs and enclosures, like Isla B. Pena.

Give your Star Raiders time to recover between battles. You can also hop into a ranger jeep and shoot med arrows at them that will heal them during battle!

Use the admin view

The eye icon is the admin view and allows you to cycle through many different overlays of your park. This is important to see where to build your guest facilities, such as gift shops. and fast food.

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Visitor needs are built primarily around two areas in your park: hotels and all of its various viewing galleries, platforms, and gyrospheres. While it may make aesthetic sense to walk out of a series of shops and eat at the park entrance, it won't make your guests happy unless they're near a hotel or dinosaur enclosure.

Think of all these guest facilities as having a hidden lightning bolt all around them, and you want that beam to hit as many of your viewing galleries as possible. Since hotels host many guests, you also need to surround them with food, drink, and entertainment.

we need more burgers

Each guest building can only serve a certain number of guests, depending on how many employees you have hired. It's hidden behind the dollar sign on each building, which also allows you to set which item sells for how much.

When you see the number of guests is complete (for example, 320/320), click Manage staff to hire more staff and accommodate more people. Always do this before purchasing a second building to meet the same needs. Space is precious on an island!

a big monorail

Each park has a transportation rating and the only way to improve it is with a monorail. The role of the monorail is to transport people from the park entrance to the hotels, reducing downtime between arrival and dinosaur sightings.

If you go to the admin view, you can also see that the monorails act as mobile viewing galleries. Build them to move in and through your dino enclosures to improve your dino visibility rating.

A single monorail route should be able to cover the entire park. Put a few stations near hotels and hotspots, and your transportation rating should stay strong all the way up to five stars.

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smart girl

Movie fans will recognize the velociraptor as particularly dangerous. It's no different in Jurassic World Evolution. Their comfort threshold is extremely low, which means they will get excited and attack fences at the slightest provocation, be it too many trees, too few of their own kind, or inclement weather. This rarely makes raptors worth the headache of raising them compared to other dinosaurs, but you'll need them to complete various island quests.

To avoid immediate social issues, create multiple raptors at once and release them one at a time. What can go wrong?

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