Meaning and symbolism of flowers: you didn't know that about sunflowers (2023)

Meaning and symbolism of flowers: you didn't know that about sunflowers (1)

Bright, lush and full of joie de vivre – sunflowers bring back memories of summer and bring happiness to our loved ones. From lazy, swaying sunny days to sunny breezes, darling sunflowers vary.Helianto, which is named after two Greek words.héliosmeans the sun and anthos means flower. Sunflowers tend to lean towards the sun, and if that's not the ultimate tan queen, we don't know what is!

Sunflowers not only look big and beautiful, but they can also mean so many wonderful things and we can't wait to share them with you. Now, if you're not crazy about sunflowers, you might fall in love with these bountiful bouquets after learning more about them. Read on to learn more about the different meanings of sunflowers and the best ways to give sunflower bouquets to the people you want to share your happiness with!

1) Sunflowers in Greek Mythology

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Once upon a time in ancient Greece, a nymph named Clytie fell deeply in love with Apollo, the sun god. Although Clytie was beautiful by nymph standards, Apollo did not respond or acknowledge her feelings. So after nine days of desperate devotion, the nymph turned into a sunflower and constantly turned towards the sun so that somehow she could always be with the one she loved. Greek mythology says that she still hopes that one day Apollo will return to her in his bright and beautiful chariot.

2) A story of worship and worship

Do sunflowers really follow the sun, like in Greek myth? Some flowers are heliotropic in that they follow the movement of the sun as it rises in the east and sets in the west. However, scientific studies have found that only the flower buds and leaves of sunflowers are heliotropic. Leaves are also phototrophic, meaning they tend to grow towards the light source. After sunflowers bloom, they are no longer heliotropic, but remain fixed in the east, where the sun rises.

Many people still associate sunflowers with worship and adoration because they always seem to be facing the sun and they also radiate pure joy and positive vibes. Sunflowers symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love. It's perfect to send to your loved one when you want to express exactly how much you love them. Sunflowers, particularly those grown on farms, are often photographed stretching their tall stems and brightly colored petals towards the sun. Sunflowers have become cult and worship. Here is a great bouquet of sunflowers that you would like to send to your loved ones to express your deepest unconditional love.

Cheyenne | R$ 169

A bouquet that boys and men will love too. Truly a bag of sunshine, the artistic blend of Cheyenne Sunflowers, Yellow Lilies and Caspia is sure to please your loved one.

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3) Radiate joy and happiness

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Sunflowers certainly exude pure joy with their tall stems, massive heads, and lush yellow petals. If we close our eyes and listen carefully, sunflowers seem to radiate positive energy and good vibes from the sun itself. Sunflower arrangements make the perfect gift for any happy occasion such as a new release, baby shower, birthday, graduation, basically any occasion worth celebrating and creating memories with your loved ones. When your best friend is down, you know exactly what you need to cheer her up: a bouquet of sunflowers for days.

Darlene | R$ 159

Perfect radiant healing with Taiwanese Sunflower, Red Roses and Astroemeria Rosa. Hello luck! Guaranteed to put you in a good mood and spread positive vibes everywhere.

Goldilocks | RM289

For happy occasions, check out this floral gift box from our Newborn collection. The Perfect Newborn Flower Baby Gift Box - Handcrafted with Sunflowers, Matthiola Lilac, Pink Avalanche Roses and Pink Berries. Brighten your loved one's day with this newborn gift.

4) Once a provision token

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Sunflowers are native to North America and were traded from Russia. Sunflowers have recently become a real crop in North America. Once upon a time, in the forgotten times of the year 3000 BC. BC, sunflowers were collected by hunter-gatherers as a natural food source. Its seeds could be ground into bread flour, much like the flat bread we have today. Furthermore, its seeds could be extracted from oil to be used in cooking. Soon, sunflowers were domesticated and grown in parts of North America such as New Mexico and Arizona.

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Hence the symbolism of the sunflower of provision. Can you believe these cheerful flowers were once hunted for food? Much later, in the 1830s, sunflowers were replaced with sunflower oil. The Russian Orthodox Church went so far as to ban the consumption of most oils during Lent, but sunflower oil was not one of them. “Even today we have sunflower-based foods, such as sunflower seeds for a healthy snack and sunflower oil for cooking. Sunflowers not only gave love and joy, but also provided all the nutrients we needed.

5) immortality and longevity

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In Chinese culture and symbolism, the sunflower represents longevity and good luck and is considered an auspicious gesture. For the Chinese, its positive yellow color symbolizes vitality and an abundance of intelligence. It is also a symbol of good luck. Sunflower seeds were eaten as snacks by Chinese royalty to gain immortality. At that time, sunflowers were not only a symbol of longevity, but also radiated immortality.

With their tall stems that hold their ground even on the hottest days of summer, it's no wonder these beautiful yellow flowers have become a symbol of long, long life. If you want to wish someone a long life filled with joy and happiness, sunflowers are the best gift to say just that!

charismatic | $269

What a great gesture of love! With orange birds of paradise, sunflowers, orange orchids and golden showers, this stunning selection will turn heads and capture your loved one's heart.

6) A revolutionary symbol against nuclear weapons

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Since sunflowers are like golden sun drops sent to earth after the storm, they also symbolize a bright future. What many people don't realize is that sunflowers play an important role in the forefront of anti-nuclear revolutions. In 2011, a radioactive spill from a nuclear power plant in Fukushima caused an earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Although the plant is no longer in operation, it still emits radioactive materials into the city's soil. In a valiant attempt to soak up the toxicity, a community project called the “Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parents Project” was started, which used – you guessed it – sunflowers!

Scientists have discovered that sunflowers can absorb radiation from the soil much faster than other plants. A Buddhist monk named Koyu Abe took the lead in distributing sunflower seeds to volunteers, who would then collect the seeds. This year, more than 8 million sunflowers were planted in Fukushima. Sunflowers were more than just a solution to a nuclear tragedy, they were a symbol of hope and belief in Japan's restoration, helping citizens on their path to a better future.

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Except in Japan, whenUkraine has renounced nuclear weaponsSunflower seeds were planted at the world peace missile base as the Ukrainian government committed to a non-nuclear initiative and hoped for peace among future generations. Who would have thought that this cheerful flower could be part of a fight against nuclear weapons? Sunflowers are warriors in their own yellow flower form.

However, they still symbolize a bright future for those who imagine them. Sunflowers are popular congratulation gifts and sunflowers make beautiful bouquets for graduations, especially when your loved one needs a little encouragement and applause. Take a look at these graduation bouquet ideas and send sunflowers to your sweetheart today.

Calypso | $189

It's always summer here with Calypso. Add some fun to your graduation with this stunning bouquet of luscious sunflowers, red roses, pink alstroemeria and eucalyptus leaves.

Cindy | RM 109

From sunny days to vibrant skies, Cindy brings a ray of sunshine to symbolize a bright future after graduation. This lovely graduation bouquet is made of sunflowers, berries, purple caspia and hibiscus leaves.

Gisela | $209

A sophisticated curation of sunflowers and roses, let Giselle convey the message of a love that never ends. This sunflower arrangement is also curated with cherry roses, sweet williams, dancing lady, purple caspia and eucalyptus leaves.

7) The best flower for eternal friendship

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When you need beautiful bouquets for your bestie, sunflowers are the perfect symbol of a friendship that will last forever. A big bouquet of sunflowers would make anyone smile! Sunflower bouquets are a perfect reflection of a close bond between friends and loved ones. It's bright and hot and fresh like a summer day. Its bright yellow petals symbolize happiness shared between friends. Its tall stems remind of a friendship that extends for miles, no matter the distance; and its rich seeds represent a friendship of meaning and fullness. Sunflowers are like your best friends, they light up your world and would do anything to make you happy. Here are some sunflower bouquet ideas that you and your best friend will love!

bell | RM79

A 100% Instagram-friendly cutie, Tinker Bell is a little arrangement that will make your best friend say "awwww...". This beauty is composed of a sunflower, red berries, gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves.

Favorite | $99

Orange roses symbolize the warmth of friendship. Sunflowers and Matthiolas signify love and loyalty. Surprise your loved ones with this vibrant curation. Greetings to a friendship, touching and joyful!

Sunflowers do much more than radiate joy, remember that each yellow petal, tall stem and seed of these beautiful flowers has a rich story to tell. Now you know!

Meaning and symbolism of flowers: you didn't know that about sunflowers (17)


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