Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 Release Date: Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 Predictions (2023)

Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 Release Date: Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 Predictions (1)

In the anime Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2, Farma de Medici will teach as a university professor and work alongside his older brother Palle as he investigates cosmic mysteries. But when will Isekai Pharmacy season 2 (Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2) come out?

The studio and key personnel who will create the second season of Parallel World Pharmacy have yet to be announced.

For the first season, the anime project was produced by Japanese animation company Studio Diomedea, best known for producing The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent, Squid Girl, Aho Girl in recent years.School street in Chios,domestic girlfriend, youAhiru no Sora.

This was confirmed in the future.The magic power of the saint is omnipotent anime season 2is in production.Erscheinungsdatum des Animes „The magical revolution of the reincarnated princess and the young genius“.it's in 2023.

The first season of the Parallel World Pharmacy anime project was directed by Keizou Kusakawa ( Ahiru no Sora , Happy Sugar Life , Aho Girl ). My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU creator Wataru Watari (The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent, Magical Revolution) supervised the scripts and series composition.

Artist Mayuko Matsumoto (animation director for Chio's School Road, Domestic Girlfriend OP) was the character designer. Composer Tatsuya Katō (Sakugan, Frey! Série, Food Wars-Serie,dr. STONEseries) created the music.

The theme song for Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 OP (Opening) and ED (Ending) has yet to be announced.

In the first season, Parallel World Pharmacy's OP "Musouteki Chronicle" was done by Kaori Ishihara, while the ED "Hakuu" was done by Little Black Dress.

The first season of Parallel World Pharmacy streamed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, VRV, Disney+ Japan and Netflix Japan (not Netflix US, Disney+ US, Hulu, Funimation or Amazon Prime Video) in summer 2022.

The first season finale, Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 12, will be released on September 25, 2022.

The 12 episodes were released as three Blu-Ray/DVD volumes by Parallel World Pharmacy on September 28, 2022, October 26, 2022, and November 25, 2022, respectively.

This article contains everything known about Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 (Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 / Isekai Pharmacy Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated with news, rumors and reviews over time. In the meantime, let's get to what is known for sure..

Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 Release Date Predictions: A Likely Extension?

Until the most recent update, Studio Diomedea, Kadokawa or other companies related to the production of the anime have not officially confirmed the release date of Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2. Production on a sequel to Isekai Yokkyoku Season 2 has also not been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information.

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In the meantime, it's possible to speculate about when or if the release date for Isekai Pharmacy Season 2 will be in the future.

At first glance, the anime Parallel World Pharmacy looks a lot like thisPharmacy in another world(Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukuru Drugstore) anime that premiered in 2021. But watch just one episode and the differences are immediately apparent.

While Isekai Drugstore was mostly a life fantasy, Isekai Pharmacy is a character-driven drama. Farma's story resembles the Mynes story ofThe Rise of an Bookworm🇧🇷 Instead of maintaining generic Isekai humour, Isekai Apothecary reincarnated the main character by imprinting himself on a person existing in another world. The central theme story also revolves around knowledge as power, rather than Farma simply having omnipotent healing abilities.

Most of the characters are complete and don't respond to pharma in the usual pattern associated with isekai tropes. The funny but insightful Eleonore "Elen" Bonnefoi isn't just a waifu supplement, Queen Elizabeth II has a depth that transcends a monarch, and audiences get a glimpse of the many sides of Farma's father beyond the stern paternal demeanor.

The exception is probably Charlotte "Lotte" Soller, as she behaves like many generic Isekai harem girls, albeit in servant mode. Thankfully, Farma and Lotte's relationship is always platonic, as the story doesn't force the awkward romances or harem weaving endemic to most isekai stories. There's also Farma's sister Blanche, but considering her young age, it's forgivable that she's essentially a little sister.

Furthermore, it is used as a foil to develop Farma's feelings of loss towards her dead sister Chi, when she was unable to save her from the incurable brain tumor as Kanji Yakutani. In that sense, Parallel World Pharmacy is similarMushoku Tenseias Farma's past trauma from her previous life plays a huge factor in her character development in this new world, as does Rudeus.

Considering all these positive storytelling factors, it's no surprise that Parallel World Pharmacy's review scores are well above average for the majority of summer 2022 isekai anime, including Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, My Isekai Life, and Black Summoner. Isekai Pharmacy did even better than The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2! 🇧🇷The devil is a part-time worker! tv anime season 3The show is already in progress.)

The big exception is thisOverlord-Animeit's himDanMachi-Anime, but since both are already in their fourth season, it would almost be shocking if Isekai Pharmacy manages to dominate these popular Isekai animes. 🇧🇷Mister Staffel 5yDanmachi temporada 5are almost inevitable.)

Speaking of popularity, the Parallel World Pharmacy anime has consistently appeared on Crunchyroll's Top 5 Hot Anime for Summer 2022 list.made in the abyss,night call, Oro Vermeil, Minha Vida Isekai and DanMachi. After all, with less competition, more Crunchyroll exclusive subscribers are likely to spend time on anime series that would otherwise get lost in the seasonal mix.

On the downside, the Parallel World Pharmacy manga and light novel series failed to make the top 10 list in July or August 2022, according to Oricon. The only Isekai that made these diagrams was theOverlord Light Novels, which unsurprisingly dominated the top spot for weeks.

But a huge increase in manga and light novel sales is just one indication of their popularity in Japan. Crucial is international broadcast revenue, which must be good enough.

Overall, it still seems likely that the anime's production committee will renew Parallel World Pharmacy for a second season. We'll have to wait and see how many Isekai animes get sequels.

Parallel World Pharmacy season 2 release date in English

Crunchyroll's Parallel World Pharmacy English dub release date for the first season was July 24, 2022, just weeks after the series premiered on July 10, 2022.

Here is the voice cast for Parallel World Pharmacy from Crunchyroll:

  • Morgan Lea (Ranga inThe Dungeon of the Black Company) in the pharmacy
  • Trisha Mellon (Ireena inThe greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical nobody.) as Ellen
  • Lindsay Seidel (Eris umMushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation Staffel 3) as Lottie
  • Chris Ryan (Karasumi em Assassination Classroom) as Bruno
  • Brianna Roberts (abre em Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation) como Beatrice
  • Ariel Graham (Samidare eLucifer and the Cookie Hammer) that white one
  • Lucía Lobosvilla as Chiyu
  • Mark Allen Jr. (Seiichi emThe fruit of evolution season 2.) as kanji yakutan
  • Hope Endrenyi (Maki emKaguya-sama: Love is war) as Matsumoto
  • Additional Vocals: Lynsey Hale, Laureta Sela, Grant Young, Ethan Gallardo, James Marler, Ian Mead Moore

Supposedly, now that Sony is shutting down Funimation, the release date for Crunchyroll's Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 English dub will be announced in the future, after Isekai Pharmacy Season 2 premiered with Japanese audio and English subtitles by first time.

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Hopefully future English dubs will go more quickly once the COVID pandemic subsides and becomes endemic. To protect the voice actors from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, they had to temporarily halt production or take additional safety precautions, causing work to slow down.

Many English voice actors experienced delays as voice actors often travel to the recording studio. In mid-2022, Crunchyroll began shifting from remote recording to studio recording (most of the work is done in their Texas studio).

The Parallel World Pharmacy web novel is over... and it's in a multiverse!?

The anime television show's story is based on the light novel series Parallel World Pharmacy by writer Liz Takayama and illustrator Keepout. The author is not only a writer, but also a real pharmacist.

WhatWebroman de Isekai Yokkyokuoriginally released in July 2015 on the Shosetsuka ni Naro self-publishing website. The web novel version ended with Arc 9 on June 15, 2022 (an epilogue was released 2 days later).

Japanese publisher Media Factory's imprint MF Books began publishing the light novel adaptation in January 2016. As of July 21, 2021, the book series has reached Parallel World Pharmacy Volume 8, meaning the series may end relatively soon, as the light novels are based on a finished web novel.

In November 2016, Takyama teamed up with artist Sei Takano to create the manga series Parallel World Pharmacy. It was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's ComicWalker magazine and is available from March 22, 2022 through volume 8.

Unfortunately, no US publisher has announced an official English translation of the books. However, there isFan translation projectsfor both the web novel and the manga.

Takayama Createdvarious web novel stories, including Invisible (AD 2007), VisibleWorld (AD 2023), Tokyo Inverse (AD 2027), Isekai Pharmacy (AD 20XX), and Heaven's Under Construction (AD 2133). In 2021, the author revealed that all of his stories are connected as part of a sci-fi multiverse series.

All these worlds are monitored by an entity called Observer XERO. To get the full picture, it's recommended that readers start reading Unseen, which is considered to be Episode 1 of the Multiverse Collection.

To give you an idea of ​​how the stories are connected, one of the stories explains what happened to Farma's original consciousness, a 10-year-old boy. Instead of being replaced or erased, the original Farma's soul is transferred to the "past" in the 10-year-old Yakutani Kanji's body! This story takes place in another parallel universe of Japan in the year 2027.

Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 Release Date: Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 Predictions (2)

Parallel World Pharmacy Manga, Light Novels vs. anime

The Parallel World Pharmacy anime joins the respected ranks of recent adaptations that only adapt a small number of books rather than quickly running through the source material. It's not that good though86 animesoThe world's greatest assassin is reborn in another world as an aristocrat., Studio Diomedea has remained fiercely true to the heart of the books.

When a light novel series is condensed into a television episode format, it's inevitable that the narrative and world-building dialogue will be reduced and/or ignored. In this case, the anime had to skip the monologues and internal dialogues that were present even in the manga version.

For example, Episode 1 adapted the first two chapters of the manga, but omitted minor scenes such as: B. to show how Farma was struck by lightning while shopping. Farma's father stopped his cardiac arrest with a potion, leading Farma to criticize the medical knowledge of this medieval fantasy world. Removed some of the foreshadowing about Farma's divine nature.

In episode 3, the anime completed the adaptation of chapter 5 of the manga. There were several changes, including in the manga, which changed the narrator's perspective from Farma to Elen to explain the circumstances. The anime made it clear that if the Empress died of the White Plague, also known as tuberculosis, Farma's father Bruno would be shamed in court and possibly forced to commit suicide.

Some of the scenes have been rearranged. Instead of abruptly announcing that he would rescue the Empress without any planning, the manga first had Farma formulate the medicine in his head and also confirm his diagnosis of bacterial tuberculosis with the single-lens pocket microscope.

(Video) Restaurant to another world Season 2 Episode 4 English dubbed

The last scene of Episode 3 also included Bruno's intimate thoughts about Farma, which the manga did not provide. As such, the anime enhanced the story by focusing on the father-son relationship.

Episode 4 adapted the beginning of Chapter 4 of the manga and continued the character-driven changes, giving Bruno a flashback scene that was not in the manga. That original anime scene with the man Bruno saw in prison was a foreshadowing of later events.

Still, the anime cut corners by removing minor scenes like the patented microscope and details surrounding the pharmacy building. The anime even skipped a funny scene where Empress Elizabeth realizes how powerful Farma is because her staff has a divine arts power meter, so she sends a challenge letter suggesting they duel for the throne once he becomes strong enough. enough.

In episodes 4 and 5, the purple-haired woman Melodie La Roux was also added in several scenes. In the manga, she simply appeared while the anime featured her through a cameo. Interestingly, Melodie's story arc was ignored.

By Episode 7, the pace of the adaptation has started to pick up noticeably, and the anime has started to drop a lot of detail from Chapters 13 to 16 (and part of Chapter 19). Some were small things like the existence of demons, a prolonged fight with the Inquisitors, Farma's terrified horse returning alone to the Apothecary, and how all the Inquisitors tried to kill each other with nails of earth. The anime also omitted the actual depiction of Solomon's broken leg surgery and how Farma's original staff broke before he received the powerful staff of the God of Medicine, the Panac-Rabods.

More importantly, Farma's brother Palle had to visit him from college when Farma was worried about his team. Then the anime changed things up and removed certain character interactions to speed up the pace of customization for the second half of the first season.

Episode 8 then adapted the flu story arc starring Pierre and his daughter Marie. The biggest change from the manga was the addition of the backstory of guild boss Veron's dead son, making him a more sympathetic villain instead of just being greedy and distrustful of aristocrats. The anime also left out many details about the plans for the Pharma Guild and changed how Marie's medicine would be administered via rectal eggs...

That last scene was cut for several reasons! Not only did poor Marie scream, the manga also drew the 7-year-old girl with this horrible expression. Things got awkward when her father, Pierre, started complaining that Marie could no longer marry because she had lost her purity.

Of course, Farma explained in the manga that since Marie wasn't fully conscious, taking the acetaminophen by mouth could have caused a pulmonary aspiration. Despite the banality of this medical procedure in modern society, the anime version avoided any controversy over the protagonist shoving pills up a girl's bottom simply by doing so partially conscious and awake.

Episode 9 jumped into the long Black Death story arc. Surprisingly, Parallel World Pharmacy's OP video shamelessly teased the Black Death arc, letting light novel/manga readers know immediately how the anime would end.

As mentioned above, the anime skipped the adaptation of the story arc about Baroness Melodie La Roux. This omission was only important because the arc introduced the concept of evil spirits, which became important during the Black Death arc. However, since the Inquisition had already established that evil spirits existed, it was better for the anime to spend its limited screen time fully developing the Black Death arc.

Episode 9 also spent a bit of time developing Farma's brother Palle, but in the manga and light novels Palle actually came home to visit instead of being stuck at the institute due to lockdown. During the home visit, readers learned that Palle was a womanizer and a bully to his two younger brothers. With Palle playing a major role in Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2, that personality aspect of him needs to be developed in Season 2.

Otherwise, the anime adapted all major parts of the Black Death story arc. One small change was that the rake attack was shortened. The Holy Knights had to work harder to break through the defenses and unleash the white squirrels in the capital, rather than just breaking through with the unexpectedly magical Divine Arts.

Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 Release Date: Isekai Yakkyoku Season 2 Predictions (3)

Aside from making some changes due to time constraints, the anime was noticeably less lewd compared to the manga. For example, Ellen's fanservice moments were removed, including the wet t-shirt scene on the uninhabited island, which was noticeably more suggestive in the manga's art.

The anime also skipped an awkward scene where Farma gives her mother an envelope for her aching back. In the manga, Lady Beatrice literally stripped naked, lay naked face down on her bed, and started moaning as Farma manually applied it with her hands... Needless to say, Farma is crazy about it, but he manages to maintain his medical professionalism distant.

(Video) Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore - Episode 06 [English Sub]

All in all, the season one finale, Isekai Yakkoyoku Episode 12, is set to meet a breakpoint corresponding to Manga Volume 8: Chapter 39 (or Light Novel Volume 2).

The end of the Black Death story arc is the best stopping point for the first season. After that, subsequent stories begin to explore certain cosmic mysteries that are best reserved for Parallel World Pharmacy season 2, so anime fans aren't left wondering what's really going on.

The good news is that Parallel World Pharmacy season 2 can be renewed immediately, as there is already a lot of material available for the light novel series.

The bad news is that the anime has almost caught up with the last few chapters of the manga. Manga readers who want to read before the anime can skip ahead to Volume 8: Chapter 40.

Isekai Pharmacy Season 2 TV Anime Spoilers (Recap/Plot Summary)

The aftermath of the evil spirit's attack leaves the Empire destroyed but intact. A neighboring country is thrown into chaos by the plague, so the Empress sends relief supplies. Once a military base is established, Farma will join the army with a squadron of knights. It turns out that Her Majesty Farma had already postponed her enlistment in the army because of all the hard work she was doing in the capital and in Marseille.

After saving Imperial City from the Black Death, Farma is visited by pharmacists from the Apothecary Guild who want to sell Farma's new medicine. Nobody is willing to buy the old medicines because they are useless and the union pharmacies are threatened with bankruptcy. With the collapse of the old system, the younger apothecaries are ready to break with the old traditions, especially as the stubborn older generation of guild leaders rejected Farma's plague cure and then died!

In addition, Farma was invited to teach as a full professor at the Imperial School of Pharmacy in Saint Fleuve. As in his previous life, Farma is threatened with overhaul, as he is tasked with working part-time as a university professor and at the same time inspecting the entire pharmaceutical factory.

Bruno urges Farma to research and bring many new medicines to the world, as ancient texts state that Farma's special divine revelation is temporary. Farma as it is now could end up disappearing from this world, so Bruno wants Farma to leave a legacy of excellence.

Bruno wants more work for Farma, but this just reminds him that he has to work himself to death (or Karoshi). At this point, poor Farma just wants to take a relaxing bath in a hot spring. But even this seemingly harmless target creates more stress.

Farma's brother Palle graduated from medical school at the top of his class and returned to his family. But somehow he was never told that his younger brother owns Parallel World Pharmacy!

Farma breaks into a cold sweat when Palle unexpectedly shows up at his pharmacy in hopes of becoming a patient. Palle was in line before this pharmacy opened and was suffering from an unexplained medical condition that only the Pharmacy's special eye could see.

Farma manages to save his brother Palle, who suffers from leukemia, from death, using his knowledge of modern medicine and the power of a secret treasure. But when Palle and Farma co-author textbooks for the Imperial College of Medicine, Palle begins to suspect that his younger brother's knowledge is rooted in another world.

In the midst of it all, Farma grows suspicious when Bishop Solomon suddenly disappears after months of regular pharmacy visits. When Farma goes to rescue Solomon, Farma receives a hidden treasure, which turns out to be a university staff card from Farma's past life...but isn't it just a card anymore?!

With Parallel World Pharmacy Season 2 we enter... the multiverse! The Marvel Cinematic Universe popularized the concept, and the big plot twist for Isekai Pharmacy is the unveiling of these cosmic mysteries.

Sadly, fans of the anime will have to wait until the Parallel World Pharmacy season 2 release date to see what happens next. Stay tuned!

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