Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (2023)

Warning: This post contains spoilers forDon't worry dear

come in earlyDo not worry Schatz, which premieres on HBO Max on November 7, our heroine Alice (Florence Pugh) begins to suspect something is wrong. Alice and her handsome husband Jack (Harry Styles) are the perfect leads in the highly anticipated and controversial sequel to Olivia Wilde.Booksmart, his directorial debut🇧🇷 You live in a 1950s Palm Springs-style desert suburb dotted with sleek mid-century modern homes. They're young and deeply in love, one of several couples who lead an enviable life of poolside cocktails.

A cult figure named Frank (Chris Pine) rules the corporate town he has dubbed Victory. Frank's subordinates are prohibited from sharing information about their employment with their spouses or family members. Every day, the couple apparently go to a desert bunker where they work on a top-secret project while their partners stay home to clean, cook, shop and gossip.

It may seem odd to the public that all these perfectly coiffed wives leave home at exactly the same time every morning towards their common cul-de-sac to send their husbands to work. But Alice doesn't realize the film's biggest secret until she breaks a box of eggs and discovers the yolk is missing.

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He wanders through the desert, sees the bunker where the men work and investigates. Throughout the film, Alice argues with several men, who dismiss her concerns as bouts of female hysteria.

Maybe you're here because you're curious about themdrama about the movie., which at times overshadowed the film itself. You may have noticed that the marketing surrounding the film hints at a big turn. Or maybe you've seen the movie and want to understand what it means.

Here's everything you need to know about the endingDon't worry dear.

What happens in the movie?

Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (1)

Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh emDon't worry dear

Merrick Morton – Warner Bros.

Alice suspects that something strange is going on with her husband Jack and herStepford womenExistence. Women are forbidden to enter the desert surrounding the city. From time to time, they whisper about what their men really do all day and theorize about the weird sonic booms that disrupt their lazy afternoons. The fact that the city is called "Victoria" suggests that the men work in oneManhattan-Project-nearby atomic bomb or similar.

Things go wrong when one of Alice's friends, Margaret (KiKi Layne), wanders into the desert behind her son and claims to have seen something terrible there. The company tells the city that the son died in the desert, further reinforcing the notion that hiking is dangerous. But Margaret says the company took her son away as punishment for revealing the secret she uncovered. Margaret then cuts her throat in front of Alice and apparently kills herself, although a doctor tells Alice Margaret has recovered. We'll never see Margaret again.

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Around this time, Alice sees a plane crash in the desert and ventures into forbidden territory to find it. Instead, he finds the bunker where all the men work. He approaches the building and as he touches it, he sees a series of amazing images, including dreamy black-and-white sequences of Busby-Berkeley-style dancers. (These women act for men, if this image weren't obvious enough.)

He wakes up in bed again and spends the rest of the film solving the mystery. In a series of increasingly desperate episodes, she confronts her husband, her neighbor and confidante Bunny (Wilde) and Frank. After a confrontation over a sizzling dinner, Frank almost confesses to Alice that he manipulated the people of Victory. But he leaves the party before Alice has finished her questions, leaving Alice arguing with the cowardly Jack. Jack pretends to run away with Alice, but instead arranges for her to be kidnapped by a group of men and bemoans his own bad luck when they drag her away. The bad guys are trying to reprogram it using electroshock therapy.

what is the twist

It's all a simulation!

Electroshock therapy doesn't go as planned. Lying on the table, Alice accesses her real memories.

It turns out that she is actually a doctor, not a housewife. He lives in a sad apartment in the city and works horrible hours. Jack is also your partner in this universe. He really doesn't like how hard Alice works or that she is the backbone of their relationship. The film tries to increase Jack's fear factor in these scenes by giving Harry Styles very different hair and clothes than Harry Styles.

While listening to a spooky podcast with men's rights activist vibes, Jack learns about the special virtual reality technology Frank invented that allows a man and woman of their choice to connect to a 1920s-style universe. be noticed does not consent to the virtual reality experience. It's not necessarily the man's partner; Could it just be a random woman that the man is presumably...kidnapping? Oh! Jack searches himself and Alice without Alice's consent.

When Alice returns to her "home" - well, her 1950s make-believe - she is rocked by Jack's kiss and more real memories flood back. She confronts Jack and he explains that he made this decision because she was outwardly unhappy. World working long hours in a hospital. Now he just relaxes by the pool. She wishes she never had to leave the simulation, but she does so so she can work in the outside world every day and fund her spooky dream.

Alice screams that shechosenhis supposedly miserable life and that he was enjoying it. That's the tricky part of patriarchy: it often masquerades as domestic bliss.

Later, Alice accidentally kills Jack. Alice's neighbor Bunny appears and reveals that he knows they are living in a simulation. Bunny is there voluntarily because she lost her children in real life and can see her fake children in VR. (An odd revelation considering all the chaos and joy of the children seems to have been squeezed out of Bunny's offspring. They are mere automatons.)

Bunny also mentions that if you kill a man in VR, he dies outside. (Why? Don't think about it.) Alice doesn't seem too sorry that she murdered her controlling lost husband. Bunny, a source of vital information, tells Alice to run to the desert bunker. This is the only way to escape the simulation. Why again? Maybe because Wilde wanted to do a cool vintage car chase. Alice barely makes it. The end.

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Okay, what happened to the plane?

Alice watching a plane crash starts the whole adventure. Was it a bug in the VR experience? It's hard to imagine Frank programming this into the simulation on purpose.

And that moment when Alice was almost crushed while cleaning?

Alice has several hallucinatory experiences, such as the wall in her house nearly crushing her to death and the hallucination of dance class. Is this a mistake or is Frank messing with his head as some kind of punishment? It's never explained.

Can women die in the simulation?

Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (3)

Apparently no. Bunny expressly says yes.masculinedie in virtual reality die in real life. Why should women be the exception? It's unclear.

Margaret cuts her throat at the beginning of the film and disappears. He either killed himself in real life or realized that suicide was the only way to escape the simulation.

How does Alice eat or go to the toilet while using the simulator?

Even if Alice's safety is not threatened in the simulation, how is she supposed to survive outside?

We see Alice hooked up to the simulator machine on a bed. None of your work colleagues or your family has asked you about your disappearance? How do you eat when you're plugged into the machine in bed? And how does he go to the toilet? Does Jack have to take care of this? This seems to remove much of the "romance" (and the quotes do a lot of work there) from Jack's Alice in Dreamland fantasy.

Why did Frank's wife stab Frank?

Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (4)

Gemma Chan aDon't worry dear

Images from Warner Bros.

The status of Frank's wife Shelley (Gemma Chan) throughout the film is a mystery. You know you live in a simulation like Bunny? Or did Frank cheat on her? Presumably the latter: he figured out how to capture his wife in the 1950s suburbs and then hand it off to other insecure men around the world.

At the end of the film, when Alice runs away, Frank is on the phone with his security guard in VR about how to stop Alice. Shelley nonchalantly walks over and stabs Frank with a knife. Why is he doing this now? she didSinglefind out what Frank did? Since Frank remains opaque in his phone call, how did you solve the riddle? Other clues, like Margaret cutting her throat or Alice confronting Frank at a dinner party, didn't they warn you beforehand?

Shelley also makes a comment about being "her turn" now. Is it your turn to simulate? Will he help the women capture the men there? change simulation? Go out? We'll never know because we'll never see her again.

Why did Harry Styles dance at this company party?

In the middle of the film there is a scene where Frank promotes Jack and then Jack performs a long, elaborate dance at a stage party while Alice has a nervous breakdown in the bathroom. I have absolutely no explanation as to why this scene exists in the film. maybe there is oneDance Dance RevolutionMinigame in this virtual reality universe.

Jack's dance inspires the Victory Men to sing about how they are shaping the future in a way reminiscent of Nazi rallies.

What influences are there?Don't worry dear?

Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (5)

still fromThe women of Stepford

Andrew Schwartz—Paramount/Dreamworks/Kobal/Shutterstock

The most obvious touchstone forDon't worry dearesThe women of Stepford🇧🇷 For the uninitiated,Stepford womenis a novel-turned-horror film (released in 1975, followed by a 2004 adaptation starring Nicole Kidman) that satirizes men's reactions to the liberation of women. The focus is on a photographer named Joanna who moves to an eerily perfect city with her husband. All housewives are dull, strangely devoted to housework, and subservient to their husbands.

Joanna investigates her suspicions that something is wrong in town as her husband starts spending more and more time at the men's club. Joanna learns that the town's women used to have thriving careers but have become docile housewives with noticeably larger breasts and no interest in their previous jobs. She eventually learns that men essentially turn women into sex robots. Betrayed by her own husband, she becomes one herself.

There is a moment whenStepford womenBook in which Joanna briefly returns to town. She observes working women on the street and describes them as "hurried, sloppy, angry and alive". This line beautifully illustrates the contrast between Alice's real life as a doctor (alive) and her imagined life as a housewife (in a trance).

wild tooquoted Betty Friedan's powerful book,The female mysticism, which chronicled the discontent of the American housewife and helped launch the second wave of feminism in the United States, as an influence.

The images are heavily inspired by 1960s movies like Sean Connery.Call from JamesMovies but also (more recently) bymad Men🇧🇷 The sultry mid-century marriage between Alice and Jack resembles that ofrevolutionary road🇧🇷 Alice's realization of being gas lit and her eventual escape reflect the ending ofSal🇧🇷 Alice's name could be a clue that Alice fell down the rabbit hole in an upside down worldAlice in Wonderland🇧🇷 The plot of the simulation is reminiscent of films such asDie Truman ShowjPleasantville.

That makesDon't worry dearIt has to do with...Die Matrix?

Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (6)

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. emThe Matrix Resurrections

Murray Close – Warner Bros.

Die Matrixis a touchstone, not only because the entire plot of this film revolves around the hero who distances himself from a nice-looking but unrealistic simulation in favor of a braver life in reality, but also becauseDie Matrix's unintended influence on the language of men's rights activists.

WithinDie Matrixhero Neo (Keanu Reeves) must choose between taking a blue pill to continue his delirium or taking a red pill to wake up to reality. In certain corners of the internet, disaffected men use the term "red pill" to refer to the moment they "realized" that women should rule the world.Red Pill's internet forums have become a place where mostly straight white males express misogynistic views of women.and lament their decadent status in society. (The makers ofDie Matrix, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, both trans women,I have since explained thatDie Matrixis actually an allegory for coming out as trans, much to the dismay of many men's rights activists).

Wilde specifically cited these dark corners of the internet as inspiration for the film's villains. It's easy to imagine Jack identifying as someone who "took the red pill" when he felt emasculated by his wife's earning potential. She sought refuge with a community of men who yearned for a time when men controlled women's bodies and behavior. Ironically, in Wilde's film, these men with red pills intentionally cheat themselves in order to regain power instead of living in reality.

What do Incels, men's rights activists and Jordan Peterson have to do with the plot?

Resolution of the ending of "Don't Worry Darling" (7)

Chris Pine emDon't worry dear

Warner Bros.

A lot of! The main opponents ofDon't worry dearThey are insecure men who want to control women, their careers and their bodies. Jack doesn't feel like he's watching over Alice, so he captures her. After listening to Frank lecture on a podcast about the disempowerment of men in society and the need to prove their manhood, Jack hides in the rain in the middle of the night to find Frank in real life and himself join this winning project.

We don't know the motivations of the other men throwing their partners or other random women into the sim, but we can assume they're all controlling and scary, and their sex reeks of non-consensual. These types of men will be familiar to any woman who spends time on the internet. And there are certain figures who cultivate a following of disaffected men who, after millennia enjoying the world's advantages, blame the rise of women for today's ills.

Wilde told director Maggie Gyllenhaal inInterviewmagazinethat he specifically based the character of Chris Pine on one of those riotous thinkers: Jordan Peterson. Peterson has gained a following among men who blame advances in gender relations for their misery. She has made a career of inflammatory statements about trans rights, gender pronouns and gender equality.

"We built this character on this crazy man, Jordan Peterson, who's a pseudo-intellectual hero of the incel community," said Wilde. Gyllenhaal said he was unfamiliar with the term "incel." (Bless Gyllenhaal for not spending all his time on Twitter.) Wilde explained that he was referring to "involuntary celibates," "essentially disenfranchised, mostly white men who believe they have the right to have sex with women." to have."

Wilde added, "They feel that society has now robbed them, that the idea of ​​feminism is working against nature and that we need to put ourselves back in the right place."

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What happens at the end of don t Worry Darling? ›

How does Don't Worry Darling end? In a fit of shock and fury, Alice kills Jack—which apparently also kills him in the real world. (Who knows how or why?) She takes off toward the in-simulation Victory headquarters, where the husbands congregate every day to exit the VR and re-enter reality.

Is there more at the end of don t Worry Darling? ›

There is nothing extra during, or after, the end credits of Don't Worry Darling. The credits run for approximately 7 minutes.

Does Alice make it out of victory? ›

Alice looked through the glass of the headquarters and was transported back to the real world. We did not see her waking up in the real world, but we heard her. Her gasp after escaping the Victory project explains that she was back in her reality.

Does Alice get out of the simulation? ›

With the entirety of the Victory security team after her, Alice is able to narrowly squeeze through the gate that leads to her escape from the simulation. And just as the title flashes on the screen, we hear (but don't see) Alice gasping for air as she wakes up from the perfect nightmare.

What is the whole plot of Don t Worry Darling? ›

The film follows an idyllic housewife living in a company town who begins to suspect a sinister secret being kept from its residents by the man who runs it.

What did Jack do to Alice in Don t Worry Darling? ›

Jack pretends he is going to run away with Alice but instead sets her up to be kidnapped by a group of men and bemoans his own bad fortune as she's dragged away. The goons try to reprogram her through electroshock therapy.

Why did Frank's wife stab him? ›

Shelley (Frank's wife) stabbed him to death in the construct, angry at how he failed to stop Alice. Thus, he'd die in the real world, too, allowing her to fully take over. Her full plan wasn't explained, though, as Don't Worry Darling ended with Alice's escape.

Why did Jack put Alice in the simulation? ›

Jack is conscious of his real-world self inside the simulation, but Alice and the other women are not. It's implied that all of these women are being held captive by their toxic male partners and being uploaded into the simulation so they can be the perfect wives.

Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde married? ›

After nearly two years together, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have called it quits. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were together for nearly two years before calling it quits in November 2022.

Does Alice have a love interest? ›

Alice is a brunette in her early twenties. Because of her father's apparent abandonment of her and her mother, Alice has difficulties trusting men, preventing her from being part of a successful relationship. When her boyfriend Jack Chase (Heart) is kidnapped, she follows him into a re-imagined Wonderland.

How does Alice escape? ›

She tries them, but they are all locked. Then she comes upon a little three-legged table on which a little golden key lies. The key fits in a little door behind a curtain and when she opens it she sees that it leads into a small passage. At the end of the passage Alice sees a beautiful garden.

Is Alice 2022 a true story? ›

The story is based on the very real-life history of black Americans still being enslaved even after the Emancipation Proclamation. The biggest example of this on which the movie was based was the life of Mae Louise Walls Miller.

What happens to Alice at the end? ›

The end of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland includes one additional scene. After Alice wakes up, she tells her adventures to her sister. Alice herself runs off gleefully, and for a moment the reader is left alone with the sister, recalling all the strange characters and weird happenings of Wonderland.

Does Alice turn into an android? ›

In reality, she is a YK500 child android, bought to replace Todd's biological daughter who left with her mother. Since the YK500 model was released in 2033, Alice has been with Todd 5 years at the most.

Does Alice fall into a hole? ›

In the story, Alice literally falls down the hole of the White Rabbit, taking her to Wonderland. In this case, falling down the rabbit hole meant entering a strange and absurd alternate universe, which many believe was supposed to represent a psychedelic experience.

Is Don't worry darling an 18? ›

Don't Worry Darling age rating

In the UK, Don't Worry Darling has been given a 15 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) – due to strong threat, violence, domestic abuse, language, sex, and suicide.

Is Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde still together? ›

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have reportedly ended their relationship after almost two years of dating. The Don't Worry, Darling co-stars were first linked in January 2021, but the former One Direction star, 28, and his director/actress girlfriend, 38, are said to have agreed to 'amicably' take time apart for now.

What age rate is dont worry darling? ›

The Don't Worry Darling UK age rating has been officially confirmed by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) with the release date here. It's been awarded a 15 certificate, so clearly things get pretty dark in the psychological thriller, which you get hints at in the trailer.

Who saved Jack How did she save him? ›

In the climax of James Cameron's Titanic, Rose (Kate Winslet) could have saved Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) by making some space for him on the door. But she didn't and Jack died while Rose lived to ripe old age to tell us the story.

How does Jack keep Alice alive? ›

Jack cares for Alice by keeping her alive with little droplets of water before he joins her in the simulation. Through Frank's manifestos, Jack signed him and Alice (without consent) for the Victory Project.

Is Don't worry darling based on a true story? ›

Is Don't Worry Darling based on a true story? Don't Worry Darling is a work of fiction that draws loosely on experiences detailed in The Feminine Mystique. Repeatedly, the movie leans into Alice's growing sense of unease as she wades through the monotony of her day-to-day life.

Who does Frank sleep with? ›

Season 1: Frank Sleeps With Karen.

Who killed Franks wife and kids? ›

The Assassination of Ray Schoonover was the execution of Colonel Ray Schoonover, who was inadvertently responsible for the deaths of Frank Castle's family.

What episode is Frank's coma? ›

Frank wakes up after a month-long coma to find no one missed him. Debbie takes a criminal approach to making sure Franny grows up wealthy. Plus, Lip completes rehab and Carl, uncircumcised, ...

Was Alice A clone the whole time? ›

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter revealed that Milla Jovovich's Alice is a clone, but the series gave this reveal away in the previous entry. Alice was an original creation for the Resident Evil movie, with the character having never appeared in any of the games.

How many clones does Alice have? ›

When Alice discovers them, she appears to remember them as they died at the hands of the obstacles in the underground facility mock-up of Raccoon City Hospital. Presumably, there are eighty seven dead clones in all, as Clone #86 was the first activated and died, along with Clone #87.

What did Alice see inside the hole? ›

As her sister reads, Alice nods off into a dream-like state in which she seems to catch sight of a fully dressed white rabbit capable of speaking English.

Who is Harry Styles daughter? ›

'Who is Harry Styles' goddaughter' we hear you cry? Well, the lucky youngster is five-year-old Ruby Winston, the daughter of Ben Winston, the British producer and director who worked with One Direction throughout their time in the band and remains good friends with a few of the boys to this day.

How long did Kendall Jenner date Harry Styles? ›

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were romantically linked from 2013 to 2019.

Who did Harry Styles have a daughter with? ›

For years, people on the internet have claimed that the 28-year-old has a daughter whose name is Darcy Anne Styles. However, this is not true. The singer does not have any children and it's all fake news.

Who is Alice's lover? ›

The Knave of Hearts is a fictional character from the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Does Alice marry Sam? ›

Alice and Sam have won awards in Charleston dancing and bowling, which was parodied in The Brady Bunch Movie, in which Sam gave Alice a new bowling ball instead of an engagement ring. They were married some time after The Brady Bunch left the air in 1974 and before The Brady Girls Get Married.

What is Alice mental illness? ›

Background: Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AIWS) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by distortions of visual perception (metamorphopsias), the body image, and the experience of time, along with derealization and depersonalization.

Can Alice Be Saved? ›

Kara Abandons Alice

You can climb on it and abandon Alice. By doing so, Kara survives, but Alice will die in the recycling machine unless Markus's crew successfully frees the camp.

Why does Alice shrink? ›

The animals outside try to get her out of the house by throwing rocks at her, which inexplicably transform into cakes when they land in the house. Alice eats one of the cakes, which causes her to shrink to a small size.

Why did Alice tell herself to stop crying? ›

Explanation: Alice sat down and cried because she had shrunk too small and could not get the key to the door from the table. She had tried to climb the table's slippery leg and failed.

Why is Alice Rated R? ›

Rated R for racial slurs, violence, torture and sexual assault. Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes. In theaters.

What year is Alice 2022 set? ›

The publicity for the film states that it is "inspired by the true events of a woman of servitude in 1800s Georgia, who escapes the 55-acre confines of her captor to discover the shocking reality that exists beyond the tree line ... it's 1973." Elements of the film's background are loosely based on the narrative of Mae ...

Who is Alice from slavery? ›

The movie is inspired by the story of Mae Louise Miller, who says she escaped from captivity in 1960s Mississippi, 100 years after slavery was abolished in the United States.

Does Alice have a happy ending? ›

Paul knows that Joseph and Alice love each other. This is something he clearly doesn't like, and he does what's in his power to keep them away from each other. He decides to get Joseph married to another woman. Ultimately, it seems that Joseph is killed while he tries to escape with her.

What Alice Forgot ending? ›

In the ending of What Alice Forgot, Nick and Elisabeth are happy together. It's a few years (maybe 10) later, with Madison (who's in university), and the other children bringing Alice breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Whereas Nick used to bring 1998 Alice tea in bed, her preference has changed to coffee.

Who is Alice supposed to marry? ›

Hamish Ascot is a Lord and the son of Lord and Lady Ascot. He is played by the British actor Leo Bill. In the beginning of the 2010 film, the 21 year old Alice finds out from the Chattaway twins that Hamish will soon ask for her hand. Soon after that, Hamish proposes to her under the gazebo.

Does Zlatko know Alice is an android? ›

Zlatko refers to Alice by the pronoun 'it' rather than 'her' or 'she', suggesting that Zlatko already knew that Alice was an android.

Is Amanda an android? ›

At first appearing as a wise master to Connor, meeting him in the Zen Garden to discuss his actions, it's revealed later that she is in fact an A.I. created by Elijah Kamski to control Connor. She was portrayed by Simbi Kali.

Do I save Luther or keep going? ›

Battle for Detroit

Stealthily make your way past the military until you spot Luther about to be shot by the military. Help free him and continue to stealthily make your way to the checkpoint. If you've got time then take the detour and avoid the checkpoint, but if you're running low on time then head to the checkpoint.

What did Alice's crying create? ›

After finishing the cake that says “EAT ME,” Alice grows to nine feet tall and finds that she can barely get an eye down to the doorway. She begins to cry, and her massive tears form a sizable pool at her feet.

What made Alice cry? ›

Answer: Alice sat down and cried because she had shrunk too small and could not get the key to the door from the table. She had tried to climb the table's slippery leg and failed. This excerpt is from the famous novel “Alice's Adventure in Wonderland”.

What does Alice's changing size symbolize? ›

The discomfort she feels at never being the right size acts as a symbol for the changes that occur during puberty. Alice finds these changes to be traumatic, and feels discomfort, frustration, and sadness when she goes through them.

What's the message in don't worry darling? ›

Wilde and screenwriter Katie Silberman were trying to portray an ideal patriarchal society for modern-day incel men. They feel emasculated in the real world and have to dream up their own utopia where the men work the 9-to-5 and women spend the entire day cleaning and cooking around the house.

Who is the husband in Don't worry darling? ›

Spoilers follow for the film Don't Worry Darling.

The film stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as married couple Alice and Jack, who seemingly live in the 1950s in a planned community plopped in the middle of the desert.

Is Don't worry darling Stepford wives? ›

If it's not original ground, Don't Worry Darling is a visually arresting mash-up of The Stepford Wives and Pleasantville, with its plot about an idyllic artificial '50s with pampered suburban housewives religiously dedicated to their husbands and their cocktails, and hints of the decade's dark side.

Who is the villain in don t Worry Darling? ›

Frank is the main antagonist of the 2022 psychological thriller film Don't Worry Darling. He is a mysterious man who is Shelley's husband, Jack's boss, and the founder of the "Victory Project". However, when Alice discovers conspiracy on him and his work, she learns his dark secret.

Why did Alice see a plane crash? ›

It is thought that the toy plane and the plane crash that Alice sees is intentional, as Margaret could be sending a message to Alice to guide her to Victory HQ and the exit of the simulation.

What was the drama on the set of don t worry darling? ›

According to Variety, insiders close to Don't Worry Darling said LaBeouf "exhibited poor behavior and his style clashed with the cast and crew, including Wilde, who ultimately fired him."

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