The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (2023)

Even though Geralt is already a talented monster hunter from the very beginning of Witcher 3, it is possible to turn him into a true behemoth of destruction. All you need is a powerful skill build.

Whether you prefer signals, alchemy, are a tank, deal more damage, or just want a reliable build for Death March difficulty, we have a build to suit your needs.

And just in case reading encourages you to build your own, we also have some tips to get you started. Here's a detailed guide to the best Witcher 3 character builds for 2021 and beyond.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing the best Witcher 3 build
  • First build of the game
  • Euphoria Build (Best Overall)
  • Alchemy Tank Build (better survivability)
  • Piercing Cold Build (better control and explosion)
  • Crit Build (better damage)
  • Pure character construction (best magic)
  • New Game Plus Euphoria Build (Mejor for NG+)
  • Tips for constructing your own buildings
  • Frequently asked questions about the Witcher 3 version
  • summarize

Choosing the best Witcher 3 build

Before we get to the builds themselves, let's discuss how to choose one because there are so many options.

You can go for an alchemy build that focuses on using potions, decoctions, and bombs, a magic damage (signal) build, a high survivability tank build, or a melee build. There are also mutation builds that focus on getting the most out of these powerful abilities like Euphoria and Piercing Cold.

Also, most of the strongest builds in Witcher 3 combine different types of abilities, especially in the late game.

The trick is to pick a build that suits your playstyle. For example, there's no point in spending points on characters you never use or improving alchemy if you want to become a swordsman.

Here are seven tips for some of the best early-game builds, combat, signals, euphoria, crits, and alchemy in Witcher 3.

To use: For mid and late versions of the game, you may need to purchase skills that you will not use to unlock the skills you need, e.g. B. Synergy. In this case, simply spend as many skill points as necessary to reach the required points. That's why you can see some filling abilities in the following screenshots.

Early build-up

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (1)

Total Skill Points Required: 12

  • General:School of Cat Techniques | gourmet
  • Kampf:Muscle memory 5/5 | Resolution 3/5 | Accurate hits 2/5

The easiest way to start building your character early in the game is to decide what type of armor you want to wear (light, medium, or heavy) and choose your main source of damage: fast attacks, heavy attacks, or signs.

Schnelle Angriffe sind auf ganzer Linie großartig, daher konzentriert sich dieser frühe spielspezifische Build auf schnelle Angriffe und leichte Rüstung.

Because of this, we're putting most of our points into the fast attack portion of the combat tree, gathering resolve to meet the 8-point accurate hit requirement, and taking techniques from Cat School for fast attack and damage bonuses, all while wearing light armor . .

We're also including Gourmet, which is a great ability for surviving early and midgame when playing on higher difficulties.

(Video) Witcher 3: Best Build 2020/2021

You can later switch this setup to one of the full builds detailed below.

Alternative building options at the beginning of the game

If you're not a fan of fast attacks, here are some alternative options for your early Witcher 3 build:

  • To thestrong attack build-up, keep the points in resolution but put your other points into strong skills in battle and take techniques from Bear School instead of Cat.
  • To thebuild signs, put your dots on the characters you enjoy using, and do the Griffin School Techniques. Delusion is good to pick up early if you want a simpler time with dialogue options.
  • for onebuild alchemy, start by maxing out poisoned blades, aim calmly and upgrade them. You can take the acquired tolerance later.
  • Regardless of which build you choose, collect if you're having a hard time survivingactive shield(Quen Alternate Mode) as quickly as possible, as it allows you to block damage and heal at the same time. Most Witcher 3 builds end up using Active Shield because of how strong it is, especially on Death March difficulty.

Euphoria Build (Best Overall)

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (2)

Recommended level:43+ /Total Skill Points Required:~73

  • General:Metabolic Control | Techniques of the school of cats
  • Kampf:Strength training 5/5 | Crushing Blows 5/5 | teardrop 5/5 | Break Armor 5/5 | Muscle memory 5/5 | Exact hits 5/5 | Vertebrae 5/5 | Razor Focus 5/5
  • Alchemy:Poisoned Blades 5/5 | protective coating 5/5 | Tissue Transmutation 5/5 | Synergy 5/5 | Acquired tolerance 3/3 | Stamina increased by 2/5 (fill ability to unlock synergy)
  • mutagenicity:Large Red Mutagen x4
  • Mutation: Euphorie– Each point of toxicity increases the damage dealt by swords and the intensity of signs.

Euphoria builds are considered to be the strongest and possibly the most overpowered builds in Witcher 3.🇧🇷 These late-game builds offer high damage and survivability, making them one of the best options for Death March difficulty.

These builds focus on Euphoria, the mutation that causes each point of toxicity to increase sword damage and signal intensity. You need to use special decoctions and devices to get the most out of it.

This particular build of Euphoria was made byReddit-Benutzer JYM1998🇧🇷 It gives you access to fast and strong attacks and you can take full advantage of it when you have about 73 skill points, which is at least level 43 (assuming you have allplaces of power).

This is arguably the most streamlined version of a Euphoria build, as you'll need to switch skills and equipment to maximize the mutation's benefits.

We recommend using 4 red major mutagens (same for all three alchemy skills) as the larger green one doesn't increase damage and the vitality boost isn't that useful. Also make sure to use the extra skill slot you get by unlocking Euphoria for the Synergy skill (like in the screenshot).

To get the most out of this build, activate the Metabolic Control and Acquired Tolerance skills to increase its maximum toxicity. You can equip them tooArmor of the Manticore MageShare for an even bigger bonus to your max toxicity.

Then use as many decoctions as possible (3-5 depending on your level/equipment/specific abilities) to maximize your toxicity and get the highest possible damage bonus from Euphoria.

Decoctions recommended for use are:

  • ekimmara(Damage dealt to enemies regenerates Vitality)
  • together(Attack power increases as battle progresses)the troll(regenerates vitality in and out of combat)
  • water witch(Damage dealt increases when Vitality is maxed)
  • Secure(Reduces damage taken based on armor and inventory weight)
  • Basilisk(Applies a buff that increases the intensity of a random sign at dusk and dawn.)

Then replace the Metabolic Control and Acquired Tolerance skills with Cat's School Techniques; it still retains the added toxicity bonus. You can also switch to your regular team (we recommend theCat team for this build).

Alternatively, if you don't like the hassle of changing things, you can leave Acquired Tolerance and School of Cat Techniques equipped at all times and not have to worry about switching gear and abilities.

Now you're ready to crush hordes of enemies with a combination of fast and powerful attacks that are nearly impossible to kill. After your decoctions are gone, follow the same method to buff yourself.

Also please note that you cannot use potions with this build, which is why we are not using increased tolerance (which does not apply to decoctions).

Alchemy Tank Build (better survivability)

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (3)

Recommended level:20+ /Total Skill Points Required:77

(Video) The Witcher 3 - God Tier Build - Alchemy, Combat, & Signs

  • General:Techniques of the school of the bear
  • Kampf:Strength training 5/5 | Crushing Blows 5/5
  • Alchemy:Poisoned Blades 5/5 | Fixer 3/3 | protective coating 5/5 | Increased Tolerance 5/5 | Soda 5/5 | Tissue Transmutation 5/5 | Murder sequence 5/5 | Fast metabolism 5/5 | Synergy 5/5 | Acquired tolerance 3/3 | Cluster bombs 5/5
  • mutagenicity:Greater Green Mutagens x3 und Greater Red x1
  • Mutation:euphoria

This alchemy loaded tank build was created byFather—Vilgefortz🇧🇷 We just made a small change to remove Hunter's Instinct as it seems the skill is still bugged.

It's best to start using this build around level 20 or higher. You must first learn Bear School's powerful attack skills and techniques before spending the rest of your points on the alchemy tree.

The main goal of this build is to get as much Punishment as possible, which is especially useful on Death March difficulty.

As with any build that includes Euphoria, you should always use decoctions. We recommend the Ekhidna, Troll, and Ekimmara decoctions as they increase your health regeneration, but you can also opt for damage-focused decoctions if your survivability is already good.

This tank setup works best with theEquipe Ursine Witcherteam thanks to their robust defensive stats.

To use:We recommend avoiding themSecond LifeMutation. While it may seem ideal for building a tank, it ismakes you vulnerableonce activated, defeats its entire purpose.

Piercing Cold Build (better control and explosion)

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (4)

Recommended level:35+ /Total Skill Points Required:90~

  • General:School of Cat Techniques | Focus | anger management
  • Kampf:Muscle memory 5/5 | Exact hits 5/5 | Solve 5/5 | Fleet Feet 5/5 | Durable 5/5 | Razor Focus 5/5
  • Signals:Long Range Aard 3/3 | Floor sweep 3/3 | Aard intensity 5/5 | shock wave 5/5 | Active Shield 3/3 (use if needed)
  • Alchemy:Synergy 5/5 (Unlock the last one as it requires 20 skill points to fill)
  • mutagenicity:Big Red Mutagen x3 and Big Blue x1
  • Mutation: Piercing Cold– Aard has a 25% chance to freeze enemies. Enemies that are not frozen take additional damage.

This unique build combines fast attack abilities, increased adrenaline points, and the mark of Aard, empowered by the powerful mutation Piercing Cold. He has excellent control and burst damage, as Aard can freeze multiple enemies, sometimes killing them instantly.

The gameplay is very simple:

  • Use Aard as much as possible, especially Aard Sweep (the signal's alternate mode) as it affects everything around you in a big AoE
  • Deals fast attack damage in the center
  • Use the alternate Quen mode to heal when needed
  • Due to the focus on fast attacks and light armor, you need to dodge attacks.

This build requires a lot of skillpoints to the max and will serve you well in NG+. Still, you could start with a simple quick attack build, picking up all of the combat skills above, plus the focus and cat school techniques, and then adding in the Aard skills.

Then, as soon as possible, unlock Piercing Cold (must be at least level 35 to get mutations) and finish the alchemy tree synergy.

LosCat Witch Outfitis the best option for this build as it works well, avoiding damage and using fast attacks. In addition, the two cat swords also increase the effectiveness of Aard.

To use:If you're having trouble getting by, choose Active Shield from the start. For the Mighty Aard, the ability doesn't seem to apply to alternate mode, so unless you have extra slots you can substitute it.

Crit Build (better damage)

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (5)

Recommended level:35+ /Total Skill Points Required:~77

  • General:School of Cat Techniques | metabolic control
  • Kampf:Muscle memory 5/5 | Exact hits 5/5 | Solve 5/5 | Razor Focus 5/5 | Vertebrae 5/5 | Strength training 5/5 | Crushing Blows 5/5 | teardrop 5/5 | Break Armor 5/5
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | Synergy 5/5 | Killing Spree 5/5 (get fill abilities to unlock)
  • mutagenicity:Large Red Mutagen x4
  • Mutation:euphoria

This crit hit build will deal you some of the highest physical damage possible in Witcher 3. The abilities are similar to a Euphoria build, but you need special gear that focuses on critical hits.

That's why we recommend at least level 35 to start working on this build. Here's the critical heavy gear to use (note thatCritical Damage is usually better than Critical Chancewhyease up):

(Video) Witcher 3: TOP 5 Builds

  • Aim at level 34 to startNew Moon Armorto establish. The pants in particular lasted most of the game.
  • Another necessary equipment is level 31.Gauntlets of the Nilfgaardian Guardthanks to +50% damage from critical hits. They can be crafted using a blueprint purchased from the Gunsmith inLarvik, a village on the Skellige island of Hindarsfjall. You can also buy the blueprint from the gunsmith in Kaer Trolde or even find the gauntlets as random loot.
  • Then grab the level 40 Manticore Warlock Armor and Boots for 50% more critical damage. Your final armor setup should be New Moon Pants, Manticore Chest + Boots, and Nilfgaardian Gauntlets.
  • You also need thosecharm of lightnessin your gear to count as light armor. This way you benefit from the damage bonuses of the Cat School Techniques skill even if you are wearing medium armor.
  • For weapons, you must first collect theSwords of vipersteel and silverat level 39. Also collectBallet in partsfor even more critical statistics.
  • Later, his preferred option is Toussaint Knight's Steel Sword, a level 49 crafted weapon that provides +100% Critical Damage and +20% Critical Strike Chance. You can get the blueprint during The Last Exploits of Selina's Gang quest.
  • For the silver sword is the best optionaviation night(as in all Witcher versions).

Regarding the skill options:

  • Start by unlocking all combat skills. Remember that we really only need 5 combat skills: Muscle Memory, Precision Strikes, Whirlwind, Determination and Razor Focus.
  • We also use 4 strong attack skills because we need them to unlock more skills or maximize the damage bonus of red mutagens. Also, it adds variety to combat with access to powerful and fast attacks. You can also choose Floating Feet if you prefer to dodge.
  • Get techniques from the School of Cats for damage and crit bonuses, and spend 20 points on Alchemy to unlock synergies to further increase Red Mutagen's and Killing Spree's attack power bonus and your critical hit chance in multi-target fights to maximize.
  • Take Euphoria as your mutation because it further increases all your damage.
  • Take Acquired Tolerance and Metabolic Control because they work together with Euphoria and allow us to take even more damage when the decoctions are active.

This build requires a lot of setup (especially if you're using decoctions), but the damage it will do will be worth it.

Pure character construction (best magic)

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (6)

Recommended level:no /Total Skill Points Required:150

  • General:Techniques of the Griffin school
  • Signals:Explosive Shield 3/3 | Delirium 3/3 | Persistent Glyphs 2/2 | Active Shield 3/3 | Melt Armor 5/5 | chain of fire 3/3 | Igni intensity 5/5 | Quen Intensity 5/5 | Magic Trap 3/3 | Yrden intensity 5/5
  • Alchemy:Synergy 5/5 (requires filler skills to unlock)
  • Kampf:Strength training 5/5 | Crushing Blows 5/5 | Break Armor 5/5 | Razor Focus 5/5 (purchase fill skills as needed)
  • mutagenicity:Granmutagen blau x4
  • Mutation:Conductors of Magic: Adds 50% of equipped sword's damage (Magic, Relic, and Warlock only) to Geralt's Mark damage.

Drawing abilities aren't as strong as combat or alchemy abilities in Witcher 3, as many of them were nerfed after the game's release. But this build is still effective and will serve you very well on Death March difficulty.

You can use this build at any level. In the beginning, you should focus on unlockingactive shieldfast to increase your survivability. We also recommend gettingnot correctASAP because it's immensely useful for dialog options.

You can then spend points on other signals you prefer and keep turning Quen on.

in general,Quen, Fire of Yrden will be your three main signs, but if you like Axii and Aard, you can also level them instead of or along with the other characters. In addition, the abilities of level 4 signs are generally mediocre, so we do not recommend taking them.

And like any magical build, this setup has high signal strength.

Once you've completed the Sign tree and entered NG+, you can start learning the powerful attack skills, which are especially useful against enemies who are resistant to Sign damage.

You can use these in place of some of your lesser-used drawing skills, or slot them into the four additional mutation skill slots that you unlock in later stages of the game.

This build requires a lot of points to the max. However, it works well in the early parts of the game when you only have access to signaling abilities.

the fullGriffon armor setis a perfect choice for this build thanks to the character intensity bonuses.

New Game Plus Euphoria Build (Mejor for NG+)

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (7)

Recommended level:50+ /Total Skill Points Required:100+

  • General:Metabolic Control | School of Cat Techniques | anger management
  • Kampf:Strength training 5/5 | Crushing Blows 5/5 | teardrop 5/5 | Break Armor 5/5 | Muscle memory 5/5 | Exact hits 5/5 | Vertebrae 5/5 | Solve 5/5 | Razor Focus 5/5 | Durable 5/5 |
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | protective coating 5/5 | Fixer 3/3 | Synergy 5/5 | Killing Spree 5/5 (Requires filler skills as needed)
  • mutagenicity:Large Red Mutagen x4
  • Mutation:euphoria

This is a modified onefinal version of the gamefrom the older version of Euphoria developed for NG+ if you have more skill points available.

The biggest change is that you should have unlocked 3-4 of your bonus skill slots and have more skill points that you should put into additional combat and alchemy skills to do even more damage, which is why we overall Use 10 skills. Battle.

As with the previous version of Euphoria, equip the Metabolic Control and Acquired Tolerance skills, and ideally the Manticore Witcher gear set, to maximize your Toxicity before using up to five decoctions.

(Video) The Ultimate Witcher 3 Build: This is How you do 25000 Damage with Only One Hit!

After that, swap those two skills for Cat School Techniques and Rage Management, don your normal gear, and start destroying everything in your path.

Tips for constructing your own buildings

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (8)

As cool as these builds are, it's also fun to try making your own. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • don't distribute too much🇧🇷 There are some great builds that combine combat, alchemy and signal skills into one. However, it is difficult to obtain and you will usually be weakened in all three areas. Deciding to master one or a combination of two is much easier to manage.
  • It always pays to bring some skills with you.You must always choose one of the three techniques from Witcher School and Acquired Tolerance to increase your maximum toxicity. some othersexcellent skill optionsthe ones that are really good and suit most builds are Active Shield and Synergy.
  • Build on your play style🇧🇷 Just by playing the game, you've probably discovered certain skills that you enjoy using. This can be a good starting point for a build. For example, if you enjoy using Igni, try a build that boosts that signal and combine it with elements that improve signal strength.
  • Swap skills as needed.Some abilities become weak later in the game because they give a fixed bonus or you just don't need them anymore. This is especially true for survivability-related skills: if you're not struggling to stay alive, you're better prepared to trade in more damage or utility. Likewise, Illusion is a great ability for conversation, but can be swapped out if not needed.
  • Feel free to respect🇧🇷 It's relatively easy to reset your skills in The Witcher 3 by drinking a strengthening potion.

Frequently asked questions about the Witcher 3 version

How do I reset and use my skill points in The Witcher 3?

To test these builds, you need to reset your skill points with a buff potion. There is also a recovery potion specifically designed to reset mutation points. You can buy them from certain NPCs in the Witcher world for 1000 coins each.

Those who only sell clearing potions includeKeira Metz, Gremist (a druid in Ard Skellig), Yolar, a druid living in a cave beneath Gedyneith, and the merchant in Gildorf, Novigrad.

Vendors of both potions (in the Toussaint Blood and Wine area) include the Perfumerist in Beauclair, the rescued Herbalist in Coronata Winery, the Herbalist east of Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair, and the Herbalist in Castel Ravello.

Which Witcher 3 character build is the best?

In terms of raw power, Euphoria builds can be considered the best in Witcher 3. Still, there are many other powerful build options like Piercing Cold, and most people prefer a certain playstyle.

You can also create unique builds that may not be as strong but are fun, like oursaccumulate🇧🇷 The brilliance of Witcher 3 builds is that there are so many options. It's about choosing what you like best and making adjustments along the way.


There are many powerful builds that can be used in The Witcher 3, and we've discussed some of the best and most recent builds. You can use combat, signals, and alchemy abilities, or a combination of all three, and become even more powerful as you unlock mutations.

Hopefully these builds have convinced you to jump back into the game to try them out or create your own build.

Need some gear suggestions to match your character build? Consult our guidesThe best weapons of Witcher 3jarmor setsFollowing.

The best Witcher 3 builds (2021) (9)

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(Video) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Best Deathmarch Build 2021

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