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An Irish blessing is an absolute must at Emerald Isle weddings and celebrations, and if you're lucky enough to witness one, you'll know how powerful and moving a moment can be to read.

There are a number of famous and popular blessings used at these events. So you don't have to be a wordsmith to share this vibe. You can choose the traditional Irish blessing that best suits your occasion and the message you want to share.

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1The Story of the Irish Blessing

2The most traditional Irish blessing

2.1 But what does this mean?

3. Patrick's Irish Blessing

4Other Irish Blessings

4.1 An Irish blessing for a wedding

4.2 An Irish blessing to wish good luck

4.3 An Irish blessing for a new baby

4.4 An Irish blessing for a new home

4.5 An Irish blessing for a funeral

4.6 An Irish blessing for Christmas

4.7 An Irish blessing for St. Patrick's Day

5The Gift of an Irish Blessing

6Brought to you by Celtic titles

The Story of the Irish Blessing

The Irish blessing is quite a religious thing these days. Since the days of the great bishop and Saint Patrick, famous for driving all snakes out of Ireland, the Irish have always had a strong relationship with religion.

The messages and beliefs of Christianity have been evident throughout Irish history and have helped shape the way we live today. What better way to channel your faith and share it with others than by sharing a traditional Irish blessing?

But did you know that the history of the Irish Blessing is believed to predate even Christianity?

History suggests that the tradition of Irish blessings dates back to pre-Christian times, in fact, to ancient Celtic times, when they were a folk and druidic tradition.

At this time, itinerant poets and bards offered blessing services to the clans as they traversed the land. His blessings were often rooted in nature and the environment, and many of them were reinterpreted for the new Christian era.

The Irish Blessing (including 7 of our favorites!) - Celtic Titles (1)

The Irish Blessing is believed to date back to ancient Celtic times, when it was a folk and druidic tradition.

The most traditional Irish blessing

The most traditional and well known of all Irish blessings is "May the road rise". Written long ago, it is often recited at weddings and special ceremonies, and is sometimes recited as a prayer. It is like this:

May the road climb to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm on your face;

The rain falls soft on your fields and until we meet again,

May God have you in his hands.

This is a translation, as this Irish blessing was originally written in the Irish language, but this is the way it is most commonly spoken today. There are additional verses in the full version and another version specially adapted as a travel blessing, but those are the most prominent words.

But what does that mean?

There are three main images in May, the road goes up. These are the wind, the sun and the rain. Many believe that this symbolizes two very important elements of Irish culture: love and appreciation for nature and the environment, and also a representation of their religion.

The mention of the wind is often interpreted to mean the Holy Spirit, since the Holy Spirit is said to have come as a "mighty, mighty wind" at Pentecost.

The reference to the heat of the sun points to God's mercy, as the New Testament says, "by which the sun rises for us from heaven."

And since nothing can grow without rain, the line above the rain gently falling on this Irish blessing is believed to be symbolic of God's continued provision for humanity.

Or a more literal interpretation of the blessing could simply be that Irish weather is notoriously changeable, a fact that can be annoying when planning an outfit for a day, but is ultimately something to be grateful for, like the wind, the rain and the sun. They are vital to the survival and growth of the environment.

The first line of this Irish blessing, originally written in Irish, is 'Go n-éirí an bóthar leat', which literally translates to 'May the path come to you' rather than 'May you prosper on the Path'. The French equivalent of this would be "bon voyage" which means this blessing would be very appropriate for a farewell party or for someone traveling safely.

This blessing is also commonly said at Irish weddings, as it is considered an appropriate way to wish someone the best as they embark on the journey of lifelong marriage.

St. Patrick's Irish Blessing

Here is an excerpt from the famous Irish blessing known as the St. Patrick's Blessing. We have only included a snippet as the full version has 7 additional verses!

Christ with me

Christ before me

Christ behind me

Christ in me

Christ below me

Christ over me

Christ on my right

Christ to my left

Christ when I go to bed

Christ when I feel

Christ when I wake up

Christ in the hearts of all who think of me,

Christ on the lips of all who speak of me,

Christ in every eye that sees me

Christ in each ear that listens to me.

It is believed that the patron saint of Ireland once had this long Irish blessing engraved on his breastplate. We don't know if this is true (so realistically it would take up too much space to show the full blessing!) or if it's just a symbolic statement of the idea that Saint Patrick has these words in his heart. Of course.

Anyway, this is a very sweet and very popular Irish blessing. The excerpt we have included above is the penultimate verse, as it is probably the most quoted section.

Other Irish Blessings

If you're wondering how many Irish blessings there are, I'd tell you how long a piece of string is! There are many different blessings that serve many different purposes, and even the most popular blessings have many versions and variations.

Blessings vary in length, some are long and descriptive and others are short and punchy to keep them memorable.

Below we have included excerpts from 8 of our favorite blessings. But if you want to explore the others further, give the review a try.of this page here.There are a whopping 130 gathered there, so we're sure you'll find a few you like!

An Irish blessing for a marriage

May God be with you and bless you.
That you see the children of your children.
May you be poor in misery, rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness.
From now on.

An Irish blessing for good luck

May your blessings prevail
The clovers that grow
And it can save you trouble
Wherever you go.

An Irish blessing for a new baby

What's wrong with it:
A world of desires at your disposal.
God and his angels very close.
friends and family share their love,
and Irish blessings on your heart!

An Irish blessing for a new home

that your neighbors respect you,
problems neglect you
the angels protect you
And heaven accepts you.

An Irish blessing for a funeral

May the road climb to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
let the sun shine warm on your face,
The rain falls soft on your fields,
And until we meet again
May God have you in his hands.

An Irish Blessing for Christmas

May peace and abundance be the first to open your doorknob and may happiness be guided into your home by the Christmas candle.

An Irish Blessing for St Paddy's Day

May the Irish hills caress you.
May your lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish surround you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.

An Irish blessing for all occasions

May love and laughter brighten your days,
and warm your heart and your home.
That good and faithful friends are yours,
where you like to move
May peace and abundance bless your world.
with joy that lasts
Let all the seasons of life pass
Get the best for you and yours!

The Gift of an Irish Blessing

The Irish Blessing (including 7 of our favorites!) - Celtic Titles (2)

A keyring with this traditional Irish blessing would make a lovely gift.

The Irish blessing is something that a loved one usually leaves a person. For example, at a wedding in Ireland it is traditional for the mother or father of the bride or groom to deliver a speech in the form of an address to the congregation, and there is usually never a dry eye!

The culture of giving is very important in Ireland and as such blessings are now not just spoken words but can be given to another person in many other ways. It is common to see an Irish Blessing printed and framed, etched into a plaque, or used to decorate ceramics such as a commemorative plaque or mug.

This shows us that blessings are not just symbolic words on a special day, but something to ponder throughout the year.

Representing an Irish blessing, these physical gifts are often given to celebrate a wedding or significant anniversary, or to mark the beginning or end of another journey in life, such as a wedding. B. a new job or the birth of a new baby. Or in true Irish nationality, they can be redeemed on St. Patrick's Day.

thanks toirish diasporaWe know that there is a widespread love for Irish culture in the United States."Bless This House"They decorate the walls of many single-family homes. This is a practice probably started by Irish immigrants and the message comes from a Catholic prayer turned Irish blessing meant to sanctify the house and all its occupants.

Greeting cards are another example where blessings are often shown. In fact, this practice is now so common that I bet you bought a generic card in a store without even realizing that the sweet message on it is a harbinger of an Irish blessing.

The Irish Blessing (including 7 of our favorites!) - Celtic Titles (3)

Widely used throughout the United States, these signs were inspired by an Irish blessing.

The Irish Blessing (including 7 of our favorites!) - Celtic Titles (4)

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  • The Irish Blessing (including 7 of our favorites!) - Celtic Titles (5)

    miguel payne
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    Simply beautiful. Thanks for the contribution. Blessing is something we don't hear much about these days. Thank you for understanding its meaning.

  • The Irish Blessing (including 7 of our favorites!) - Celtic Titles (6)

    Juana Rohm
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    I have a similar plate in my house. Maybe Addi was born in Dublin, Ireland and grew up in Liverpool and I live here in the US.

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    sheila neve
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    I really loved reading all about Irish Blessings. I'm Irish so this helped me better understand my culture. My maiden name is Reilly. Sincerely, Sheila Neves

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    I love these sentimental Irish sayings and sentences. I'm from a different background, but it also sounds similar to us. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you very much.
    This is an overwhelming affirmation of the value of each person. I'm glad you included the research and beginnings in this beautiful piece.
    I studied Irish History and Literature while doing my postgraduate degree in English Language and Literature. I have been to Ireland and I fell in love with Ireland.
    I wish you a blessed day, Caitlin.

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